Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Early Observations.

Simply put, 
it's the third day of the first week... 
and it's free time already. 
Well, it's the first week anyway. 
With all the tutorials, labs, assignments, 
extracurricular activities coming soon... 
even the university's going to hold 
lots of events this semester. Sports, to be specific. 
Time management's gotta be super crucial. 
Please don't suck at it, Afiq. 

Too early to say anything about this semester. 
But everything seems fine. 
I guess opening up hearts 
sure works, after all. 
It's just me, taking such a long time to realize it. 
Well, let it continues 
in such an appropriate manner 
till the end. 
The fighting spirit, the lack of laziness. 
It's not easy to maintain the momentum 
with all the resistance around, undoubtedly. 
Same scenario every semester, I presume.

Hopes are running even higher now. 
Let's keep those efforts high, either. 
Be consistent, shall we? 
Till then. 
Have a nice day 
and let's work hard~~~ 
Before I end this, 
since it's today.. 
happy birthday Syed Syazwan! 
In case if you're reading this. Duh. 

P/S: Too lazy for jump breaks.
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