Saturday, December 24, 2011

Because I Love You.

Because I love you
I don't want to lose this fight
Because I love you
I want to protect you
yet I can't
and that makes me feels awful
for I'm barely doing anything
instead of being a good listener, though

Because I love you
I'm trying to stand still 
besides the fact that I'm breaking
Because I love you
I try not to cry 
well, it's quite easy after all
for I'm a guy & my hormones 
rarely allows me dropping tears
off this cheek

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Muntah. Terburai.

Hati tak tenang.
Masa makin suntuk.
Benda banyak lagi nak kejar
Melatonin dah mula tak stabil
Oxytocin toksah cerita lah, 
memang dah lari habis

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Inevitable - Has No Choice But To Face It.

The finals are approaching
has to make ends meet
yet he's not that prepared
and urgh
getting his right knee
scratched badly 
while running away 
from a flour-throwing-birthday-bash
It IS a bad idea

But he's not giving it a damn
To take a break, no
To make an excuse out of it, no
To postpone things, no
well try to do so
and whole load of shit

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Less Than Three Questions? Crap

Can you contain me?
Can you keep up with my pace?
Can you predict my next step?
Can you tame my alter ego?
Can you hold me down when I'm full of energy
and cheer me up when I'm all over it?
Can you be my benefactor
or will you turn out to be my limiting factor?
Can you be tough enough 
to go through the ups & downs with me?

Can I give the greatest care of you
when everyone else seems to let you down?
Can I be the light
when the path ahead seems to darken upon thee?
Can I control myself
even if when the demon inside me tries to rage out?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stars Tonight

the skies 
are just as beautiful
Like, seriously.
The moon's shining brightly
in its crescents
the stars
are glittering all over
there's not even a cloud
being in the way
unlike the past nights
It feels like
this night's really special
I wonder why

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Time To Get A New Calendar

and the Hijrian calendar
has changed its page
another year has passed
 here comes
1433 Hijri.
A new year that is less regarded.
A new year that is less anticipated
somehow rather
I wonder
why is it even more thrilling
to celebrate 1 January 
instead of
to celebrate 1 Muharram.
Is it because of 
the lacking of knowledge about the Hijri year?
Is it because of the media?
Is it because of the environment?
the people around?
God knows. :/

and It Adds Up

It has been quite some time
since I came here.
Didn't really notice it
till my "step sis" - pfft
gives me a hit about it.

So I'm still here at UniMAP
trying to adapt with things
yeah, new things keep on
going day by day.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Script-Nothing

Just sharing.
One of the current songs in my playlist.
It doesn't relate to my life
in present
but then
The music
it suits
my feelings right now,

Sunday, November 6, 2011


or migraine, said by a friend
yeah, whatever.
I rarely get them.
guess if I'm getting one
that, can be a clear message
that I'm critical

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Recent Updates - UniMAP

It has been quite some time, huh?
Can't be helped.
Studying DOES consume
a big portion
of your time 
after all.

it's not like this dork's studying
Most of the time
is invested
on adapting himself,
Yeah, still need more time
to accept & embrace
this new environment.
Am I too slow?
You might say so.
I missed my foundy life so bad
and I turn out to be a good boy here. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How am I Going to Study Like This?

It's not easy 
to study sincerely.
It's not easy 
to tune back 
your intentions of studying.

Can't be helped.
In most cases
one's forced to study
because of the lecturer.

Wait a sec.
Since when the lecturer's being pushy?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

and the Race Has Begun.

As this brain
tries to digest
and consume
whatever being taught
during the past Circuit Theory class

As this brain
tries to control the whole body
from collapsing (as in fall asleep)
in the Computer Programming class

As this brain
tries to work faster & faster
in the attempt
to be the first one
to complete the "Pop Quiz"
back in Engineering Maths just now

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Holidays are Over.

Oh, the days of vacation 
are sooo over.
Today's my last day 
and I'll be casting off to Perlis tomorrow
with room mate-to-be Haziq (Lagger)
well, that if UniMAP allows, God willing
kalau tak pon
boleh je lepak lepak dgn dia during weekends
main DoTA jalan jalan study sekali or whatsoever
asal jangan hilang that bond
yg dibina ketika asasi
that includes Mirul, Farhan, Aizuddin DLL
yg lain pon boleh je
especially yg duduk kat Penang ke 
harap harap diberi banyak kesempatan 
untuk turun padang mengeratkan ukhwah 
yg telah dijalin. Amin.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Long Story Cut Short.

Too much stories to tell
yet too lazy to type it on

Ilham sudah mencurah sejak beberapa hari lalu
namun kerana kemalasan diri
maka ilham tinggal ilham 
tidak dicerna tidak dihadam
menjadi lengkap.

Apa pun (ayat penukar topik)
aku baru selesai bekerja semalam.
Sepatutnya hari ini pun kena kerja
syif petang
(Oh tidak. Bekerja pada malam raya?)
tapi pada hari Sabtu yg lalu
berikutan ketidakhadiran seorang rakan kerja
sebab mak dia hospitalized
maka aku ambil kesempatan
dgn bekerja full day in order untuk aku
tidak perlu bekerja pada malam raya. Heheh

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the GazettE-PLEDGE

Have I shared this song here?
I don't think so.
(sambil melihat post post lama)

Okay rasanya memang takde.
Sekadar ingin berkongsi.
Lagu yg aku sangat suka dengar
setiap kali aku sedih
setiap kali aku emo
aku memang moody je memanjang kan
tengok post post lama pon dah tau XD
kiranya lagu ni selalu gak la berkumandang 
dalam pendengaran 
ever since
I was introduced to it (the song)
by a friend of mine.

Lirik disertakan.
Font sengaja dikecilkan sebab nak save space.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Today Was A Fairytale.

Everything that happened before this
was totally a dream
a fairytale.
Probably a joke to remember
a lame one.
Thanks "dear".
I'm moving on
as you've said
it's just a play-around thingy
and it'll always be
for now.
You should be grateful
that I can easily fall in love
shook off the same feeling
and move on 
as easy
as a piece of cake
and can even stay faithful
if I wanted it to be. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


aku sentap dgn doktor tu
from the yesterday's medical checkup
Thanks for being considerate
and not to forget
polite as well as talkative
such qualities that are hard to found in some doctors
sebab depa kan busy ja memanjang 
with on-call dan lain lain
so kiranya
since you still being able to smile while 
giving a treatment
you deserve my respect. Weeee~
but then
do know that I've my own plans too

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Delete delete.

It may seemingly immature
but I'm deleting those old posts
Looking at the old ones made me felt 
"Duhh, is this me?" 
Nampak sangat buat entry time tengah emo =.=
Tapi tak semua ya.
Get your facts right.

Dengan cara ini
Nampaknya aku takkan pernah dapat cecah 100 posts
Layak ke aku buat 100 posts 
dengan post post sampah macam ini? Sobs. 
Taknak post sampah.
*terus mencari post untuk didelete*

P/S: Satu DVD orginal jauh lebih baik daripada 10 DVD cetak rompak. *tetiba*

Kerumitan Sang Pemilik Diri.

Aku kurang gemar bercerita pasal diri sendiri.
Jauh di sudut hati
Diri ini berharap sangat 
wujudnya insan yg sangat peka
di luar sana
yg begitu arif
yg mampu mengesan
apakah yg berlaku
tanpa diri ini perlu berkata apa apa
lalu dia akan memaksa untuk merungkai ceritera
tanpa aku terpaksa berusaha
untuk mencari ruang
bagi memuntahkannya sendiri
kerana sememangnya 
tindakan ingin sahaja dilebihkan daripada kata kata
dan ingin sahaja dikunci mulut
selagi tiada ketemu
jauhari yg bisa mengenal manikam.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Stronger, The Harder.

The higher of your strength to live,
(willpower, perseverance, patience etc etc)
the harder life will bite you 
till you dead.
Hypothesis accepted.

P/S: Nak belajar buat post pendek pulak. Weeee~

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Long Awaited Car Licence.

I know it could be lame to some 
and it could be normal to others
not even a matter to be bothered though
I'm still going to write this.

After months of working
the moment I "graduated" from foundy
I've my hands on my own car licence.
This morning.
Praise be to Him.

The thing is
I've passed the licence
long ago
since the first semester holidays
but then
I refuse to hold it first
because I don't have some cash
to settle the payment for taking the licence.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Please, Do Assure Me.

Do you think only girls need to be assured
when it comes to relationship (s)?
Okay the term "relationship" here
is used generally
so it doesn't count whether one is married or not.

referring to the question just now
The answer should be
"Hell no."
Guys need it too.
Probably girls need to be assured
so that they'll be able to differentiate
between a guy & a jerk
It's the same case for guys as well
We need to be assured 
so that we are able to categorize 
a girl & a bitch

Monday, August 1, 2011

Unique Ramadhan.

Ramadhan sentiasa menjadi bulan yg istimewa.
Segala manfaat yg diperoleh
ditambah dgn kenangan ketika berpuasa
membuat diri rasa teruja
setiap kali Ramadhan menjengah kembali.

Masih segar dalam ingatan
minum air curi curi di peti sejuk
ketika umur enam tahun XD
tidak lupa juga
kenangan bertarawikh
ketika remaja
di masjid masjid
serta surau taman
berjalan jalan di bazar taman
seusai bertarawikh. Hehe
Memerhati gelagat manusia yg lalu lalang
benar benar mengasyikkan
pada tahap umur itu. 
Teringin membeli belah seperti yg lain
Namun ketika itu masih belum pegang duit sendiri :( 

Friday, July 29, 2011

It's All About the Marriage.

Yeah, the second post for today.
The greatest love of all
between a man & a woman
is when
they're getting married.

It's when
there's nearly no limit to anything 
lots of ways can be applied
to show off one's love to another
Nobody forbids whatever the couple's going to do
except Him.
Isn't it interesting?
You can do things together
maybe sharing the same hobby
or doing something good together
such as praying together with the husband leads the prayers
isn't it sweet enough?


This is just another emotional post.
I don't know 
what do I have to do anymore
to relieve the tension
that has been suppressed on me
since this morning.

Pagi pagi dah tade mood.
Bukan gambar saya.

First & foremost
to the culprit
I'm waiting for your explainations
Do be brave
and stand up 
enlighten me
instead of committing these drastic measures
which is tearing my head
and my heart apart

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #5 ---> Helping Hands

Not my pic.
"We may not have all the hands
to help everybody.
Nevertheless, the least we could do
is to help others as much
as we could
within our own CAPACITY."

P/S: Masih berdendam dgn pak cik teksi. 
Mungkin disebabkan darah Melayu 
yg ada dalam diri ini 
sampai nak move on pon payah. 
Atau adakah kerana tidak cukup tidur? 
Mungkin juga :/

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sleep Deprivation Experiment.

At last.
A week without off days has passed.
With two off days for this week
It's the best time to sit back 
and relax
and probably do a lil bit of preparations
acquired for degree studies
this month of nine.

the writer may have tried
an experiment on himself
about what would happen if he gets 
inadequate sleep
The objective
is to investigate the effect of sleep deprivation
on one's physical & mental condition

Not the writer's pic #1

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #4 ---> Chained.

Not my pic.
This week's a bummer.
No off days are just as enough
probably it's about the excitement 
of accepting the degree offer
thus resulting in less sleeping
for the past two days 
due to frequent Googling
and a lil bit of Facebooking XD

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Decision - UniMAP.

Saya sepatutnya bersyukur
sedari awal lagi

sebab kursus yg saya peroleh ini
adalah kursus yg saya pohon
kursus yg saya mahu
kursus yg saya minat
kerana keselariannya dengan agenda saya
"untuk mempelajari 
benda yg tidak boleh dipelajari secara sendiri"

kerna andainya direnung semula
masih banyak lagi rakan yg kurang bertuah
terutamanya rakan seperjuangan di Asasi Sains
punya keputusan yg baik tetapi sayang dihampakan UPU
punya kelayakan tapi sayang 
disepak UPU ke kursus bukan idaman
apakah saya juga seorang mangsa?
Saya cuma ditakdirkan untuk berada di sini
kerana saya yg meminta untuk berada di sini
maka sebagai seorang lelaki
saya perlu menghabiskan kerja yg telah saya mulakan
oleh itu tiada sebab untuk saya berdolak dalih 
bermadah helah
lebih lebih lagi dalam kesuntukan masa yg menghambat ini

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Menjelang Keputusan UPU & Hasilnya.

Usai sudah mendiamkan diri
Kini saya tampil dgn bicara berisi.

Beberapa hari yg lalu
benar benar menyakitkan.
Hari Khamis
menjadi hari paling menyeramkan dalam hidup.

Siapalah yg tak cuak
Esok hari tu (Jumaat 15/7/2011 yakni semalam)
nak keluar keputusan UPU kot!
Maka saya cuba menenangkan diri
dengan menonton Harry Potter
bersama Tira Azhar & rakan sekerjanya

Not my pic.
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