Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sweet Things, Bitter Things.

It's the second week of the semester break 
and I'm a part time worker now. 
Typical me during holidays. 
I just don't like sitting around doing nothing 
even though for this semester break 
I do have some other plans 
but I figure out to keep the money flow coming in
so yeah 
here I am. 
Trying to find some clean income. 
May my efforts be blessed. 

Alright, so... 
I've been working here for three or four days 
and I observed a lot. 
Yet there is this one main thing 
that kept on dragging my attention. 
It's the nature of customers 
I've been dealing with. 
Of the favouritism 
for something sweet, nice, & good-looking 
over the bad, not tasty & ugly things. 
Let it be food & beverages 
clothes & apparels 
or even delicate things like memories & happenings. 
Humans, they just love keeping things sweet 
while despising its bad twin. 

Not my pic.

I come to realize 
that even though it's a common thing 
and sure, it's good to cling on to sweet things 
This nature itself 
makes men mislead of the fact 
that most medicine is bitter 
and sweets are one of the cofactors of diseases 
that sweet things pamper & bedazzle people 
while bitter, sour or even tasteless things 
become the best teacher of men. 
To heal from a particular sickness 
we need to consume antibiotics & pain-killer, whatever they are 
and they aren't sweet. 
To move forward in life 
we need to put a lot of effort 
and that's not a sweet thing, as per say. 

Thus, I believe 
while the nature itself 
isn't a flaw to begin with 
we should also not let ourselves 
be mesmerized by them sweet things 
for they are just illusions 
keeping us clinging around 
failing to scale it higher 
towards a better human in us. 
For that, I'm still relieved 
that I can't find a highly frequent customer 
Like, awat makan donut hari-hari ni? 
Nak jadi bulat macam donut gak kaaaaaaaaaaaaa? 
That will be my first thought if such customer exists. 
Ceq yang baru kerja sini sehari dua pun dah muak makan donut tau 
and I can't believe it if there is a kind of people 
who eats them doughnuts 
macam makan nasi. 
Mohon dijauhkan. 
Till then. 
To let go off the sweet, nice & tasty things 
and to accept the awful, bad & ugly side of them 
is the secret to get over the bridge. 
Probably. Who knows? 
Ja ne~

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