Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking Sides.

When things 
are seemingly screwed up 
inside out 
what would you do 
to prevent 
further mishaps 
from happening? 

It's like detecting a crack in a building.
P/S: Not my pic.

Monday, August 27, 2012

and all I can say is "Alhamdulillah".

This post 
merely serves 
as a humble reminder 
for this servant 
so that he won't get himself 
led astray 
not when the silver spoon 
is starting to get 
into his possession. 

Time mula mula 
dengaq dari depa aritu pun 
ceq dah runsing 
"Biaq betoi ni?" 
Tu ja yg bermain dalam fikiran. 
Apatah lagi 
bila dapat 
official letter. 

The letter that confirms everything.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Actually Passed It.

It was just a normal day 
except the fact 
that I got stomachache 
and skipped the trip 
back to Perth-lis 
on the other day. 
(that's about three days ago, to be precise.) 

Till Umi asked me 
to buy some newspapers  
to read for the weekend  
and I come across this. 

Credits to Mingguan Metro.

Monday, August 13, 2012

That Post In the Early Morning --> Brotherhood

It has been quite dusty here. 
*buat buat bersihkan habuk
Dah kena tweet-limit. 
Taktahu nak buat ape dengan Facebook. 
Jadi jari jemari mula menari-nari 
sehingga tiba ke ruangan ini. 
Dah lama nak update sebenarnya. 
Tapi idea memanjang hilang 
each & everytime 
saya tekan "New Post" 

Since I'm here 
I'll just write about 
this "brothers" thingy 
that came into my mind 
just about yesterday.  
Sorry if it's not that good. 
Dah lama tak menaiplah katakan. 
I'm playing melancholic songs 
to get the mood BTW. 
Don't know if it'll work. 
Currently playing Jason Walker's Down. 
So, let's get started. 
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