Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How am I Going to Study Like This?

It's not easy 
to study sincerely.
It's not easy 
to tune back 
your intentions of studying.

Can't be helped.
In most cases
one's forced to study
because of the lecturer.

Wait a sec.
Since when the lecturer's being pushy?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

and the Race Has Begun.

As this brain
tries to digest
and consume
whatever being taught
during the past Circuit Theory class

As this brain
tries to control the whole body
from collapsing (as in fall asleep)
in the Computer Programming class

As this brain
tries to work faster & faster
in the attempt
to be the first one
to complete the "Pop Quiz"
back in Engineering Maths just now

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Holidays are Over.

Oh, the days of vacation 
are sooo over.
Today's my last day 
and I'll be casting off to Perlis tomorrow
with room mate-to-be Haziq (Lagger)
well, that if UniMAP allows, God willing
kalau tak pon
boleh je lepak lepak dgn dia during weekends
main DoTA jalan jalan study sekali or whatsoever
asal jangan hilang that bond
yg dibina ketika asasi
that includes Mirul, Farhan, Aizuddin DLL
yg lain pon boleh je
especially yg duduk kat Penang ke 
harap harap diberi banyak kesempatan 
untuk turun padang mengeratkan ukhwah 
yg telah dijalin. Amin.
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