Saturday, January 28, 2012

Conclusion for the Semester.

Seriously, it has been quite some time.
It's just  
I'm focusing on the finals
and then the holiday 
is about to come
thus I had to adjust accordingly
hence, my time's taken again.

Look at my schedule few days
before & after 
the last paper at 18th of January:

15th of January, night 
going for steamboat
kinda reminds me of Seoul Garden, though
(not Secret Garden, peeps. Sorry~)

16th of January, night
going for chicken chop
you see? Belum pape lagi dah merdeka ==''

17th of January, whole day(perhaps) especially at night 
final sprint

18th of January, night after the paper 
going for makan besar
at the same place we go for chicken chop

19th of January, evening 
pi Padang Besaq - siap melawat
keluarga angkat Syed lagi. Keluarga yg lain 
tak dapat dikunjungi. Saya sedih T_T
Sorry, no pics uploaded. 
Sekadar dalam kenangan semua yg terlibat :')

Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Post of 2012. :|

Hye there.
It has been quite some time, isn't it?
Can't be helped.
Finals are around
so, you know
this lad
he needs to "focus" on studying
urgh yea right

it has never been too late
to do things 
like wishing a Happy New Year >.<
What? It's just the seventh page of 366
isn't it? 
To think of it
They're such a MARVELOUS present for new year
aren't they, huh? ==''
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