Saturday, December 24, 2011

Because I Love You.

Because I love you
I don't want to lose this fight
Because I love you
I want to protect you
yet I can't
and that makes me feels awful
for I'm barely doing anything
instead of being a good listener, though

Because I love you
I'm trying to stand still 
besides the fact that I'm breaking
Because I love you
I try not to cry 
well, it's quite easy after all
for I'm a guy & my hormones 
rarely allows me dropping tears
off this cheek

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Muntah. Terburai.

Hati tak tenang.
Masa makin suntuk.
Benda banyak lagi nak kejar
Melatonin dah mula tak stabil
Oxytocin toksah cerita lah, 
memang dah lari habis

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Inevitable - Has No Choice But To Face It.

The finals are approaching
has to make ends meet
yet he's not that prepared
and urgh
getting his right knee
scratched badly 
while running away 
from a flour-throwing-birthday-bash
It IS a bad idea

But he's not giving it a damn
To take a break, no
To make an excuse out of it, no
To postpone things, no
well try to do so
and whole load of shit

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Less Than Three Questions? Crap

Can you contain me?
Can you keep up with my pace?
Can you predict my next step?
Can you tame my alter ego?
Can you hold me down when I'm full of energy
and cheer me up when I'm all over it?
Can you be my benefactor
or will you turn out to be my limiting factor?
Can you be tough enough 
to go through the ups & downs with me?

Can I give the greatest care of you
when everyone else seems to let you down?
Can I be the light
when the path ahead seems to darken upon thee?
Can I control myself
even if when the demon inside me tries to rage out?
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