Friday, March 4, 2011

C5 & J1. I'll miss you guys.

Assalamualaikum. Today's the last day of me going to classes & so on. From now on, it's going to be a week to cram & the upcoming of final exams. Cramming? It sounds impossible for this lazy ass. Huh. Okay, here goes my second farewell. I would like to direct them to my classmates in C5 as well as J1.

C5 back in Semester 1. With all the members inside.

Found after some digging. Some of them didn't make it in the picture, though T.T

To recap it all about C5, it was a bit cocky to mix up with you guys. I didn't really like being in the group, initially. Well, it's because I had enough studying in an all guys environment back in high school. Not to forget that I have this kind of hardness of making friends with a guy even though I'm a guy myself. Weird, isn't it? @__@ But seems like as the second semester's going, everything turns out to be way better. I can get along with most of the ppl in the class, it seems. Alhamdulillah. To admit it, you guys are somehow rather even better than my classmates back in high school. But that's only an advantage of 1%. Get it? Only 1% & not more :P

Regarding J1, it was formed as the last semester was just one or two months away from end. I joined it by my own will. The purpose is to get a better light for my studies. Yeah, they say that the lecture is much smaller & yes, it is. It made me concentrate better in the class, anyhow. Heheh (devil laugh). Even the classmates are more friendly. It only took me one or two days to be good with almost all of them, could you believe that? Truthfully, J1 is even closer to me compared to C5. This is just my opinion. I don't know how about the others. I just don't know why do I feel so. To prove it, I can even name the whole class without any trouble ----> Faizatul, Nadia, Adeebah, Adilah, Aina, Ayuni, Syidah, Dini, Balqis, Shafiqah Shafie, Faten, Sara, Raja Shahir, Iftitah, Awang, Idin, Saiful aka Tornado, Fadzli, Wan Nurzahidah, Khaleeda, Pawan, Afifah, Rahman, Shafiq, Firdaus, Hassan, Fasha, Nadhirah, Sarah, Sabira, Sofea, Naza, Farah Lina, Didi, Afiezz, Farah Amirah. Eh did I mention your names well? Sorry if I got them wrong. The memories are fading =.='' Reasonably, that's what making me sad when we all have to say goodbye to each other when the second semester starts off as we have to return to our previous groups. Too bad that we have only been classmates for not even a semester. Hurmm. Now, I need to say goodbye even to my classmates in C5 & that makes me twice as sad.

Still, I love you guys both. The memories - I'll never forget them. I hope you guys will remember it too. Time, please allow us to have more hang outs amongst ourselves in future. Amin. Sorry for all the wrongdoings I have done to all of you as we studied together in the same roof as classmates. Sorry for being unable to bid farewell & wish you guys "Good luck!" in person. All the best for your future uptakings, guys. Don't forget each other, please.

I don't want to be bias. But just let me give these special credits to Syidah back in J1 for she is the one whom instills the spirit to study Biology within me as well as Adli, Amirul & Shahmeen for us hanging out together in most of the classes during this second semester. 

Okay, probably that's it. Asslamualaikum.


  1. OMG! No wonder it feels like smth's missing. Ampun ampun T.T


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