Monday, October 29, 2012

#ToMyFutureSon - What? I'm Not Married Yet.

So when I was going online 
-a routine I do  whenever the holidays are around- 
a while ago 
Twitter's having this as a trend. 


There are also 
but seems like the first one's more mainstream. 
Thumbs up to the sons out there. (Y) 
-Okay what's the motive anyway- 

Thursday, October 25, 2012


My laptop home screen at the moment. 
Time flies fast. 
It's the middle of semester three already 
and the mid semester break has begun 
quite a few things happened, 
and this place is getting dusty too. 
Then again, alhamdulillah. 
I can see some light breaking in 
and the dark clouds are starting to vanish. 
The preconditions are cleared. 
Still, I need to continue walking 
so that I can go ahead 
and grasp that light. :O 
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