Sunday, December 29, 2013

Review of Linear Control Systems, In Brief.

Good day! 
Today, I'm going to rant 
a brief on a favourite 
(read: "favourite") 
subject of mine for this semester. 
ENT220/4 Linear Control Systems. 
I've posted on Instagram 
I've posted on Facebook 
about the syllabus
Now, allow me to elaborate about the subject 
a lil bit more. 
It's only suitable for people 
with mild engineering knowledge.

So before we go further 
This subject, simply put 
is all about 
lol, yeah. 
Exactly what the lecturer said 
at the first lecture 
as in 
"If you want to be queen/king of control, 
you must learn this subject" impression. 
Next, he came with this. 
"If you put your grandma into the input, 
you'll get your grandma from the output." 
That is, by having control of a particular system 
(or plant, as specified by throughout the course) 
You shall get the output 
exactly as it is desired 
(or in this case, as it is inserted at the input). 
It's clear anyway 
that the control we speak of here 
is the control in the context of engineering field. 

The first chapter's all about the basic terms
systems, sub-systems, plant, control, open & closed loop.  
and some revisions on Laplace Transforms (LTs)
so it's nothing much in particular. 
Boleh google sendiri kot istilah kat atas tu ea? Hihi
Afterwards, using the reaffirmed knowledge of LTs 
we learnt to deduce transfer functions 
from block diagrams 
and signal flow graphs 
also, by using the above 
we model a few systems 
deducing transfer functions outta them 
be it mechanical, electrial & biomedical 
Simple electrical system => RLC circuit 
Mechanical system consisting of
mass, spring, gears & damper
Biomedical system => ECG machine

Going forward 
we're being familiarized to analyze a system 
in time domain & frequency domain. 
A pinch of terms 101, 
system is something that produces output 
upon an input is fed into it 
while time domain & frequency domains 
are just like s-domain in LTs.  
might as well say it's similar to currencies used in banking 
so time & frequency domains be like American & Australian Dollar 
s-domain's like Britain Pound Sterling. Lol. 
In usual practices, it is just fine to do analysis 
in these two domains. 
Time domain analysis (TDA) 
is practical for most types of inputs 
(step, ramp, parabolic) 
while frequency domain analysis (FDA) 
is practical when the input is sinusoidal. 
We learnt a few more new terms & specifications 
unique to TDA & FDA respectively. 

For TDA 
we were taught to perform it in two situations:  
when the system is giving usual response (transient) 
and when it is stable (steady-state) 
also, new terms 
rise & settling time, time delay, maximum time, maximum overshoot 
and how damping factor affects a system response 
again, we compute the system response 
using LTs 
in cases of simple, multiple & complex poles 
(partial fraction thingy, if anyone recalls
also, we consider the steady-state error 
that difference between the output 
and reference input at steady-state 
considering the system isn't producing the exact result. 

As for FDA 
those new terms be like 
resonant peak & frequency, bandwidth & cut-off rate. 
Else, the focus is more on doing Bode plot & Nyquist plot 
Bode plot in MATLAB environment. 
An example of Nyquist plot
so as to estimate better the frequency response 
as well as determining system stability 
and converting it later for estimation in time response. 
Kalau dah datang US kenalah pakai US$ kan, 
takkan nak guna MYR pulak. Hew 

Last but not least 
what's the point of having the control 
if you're clueless about the system's stability? 
Realizing that (kononnya), 
we were exposed to a few techniques 
to examine the stability. 
namely Routh's Table 
and root locus 
one of those examples of root locus techniques
As a side note, 
Routh-Hurwitz's criterion 
is always the major consideration here. 
After knowing all these, 
we are acquired 
to design controllers 
be it PID or lead-lag. 
while PID or Proportional Integral Derivative type 
is a combination of PI & PD types, 
one features a good steady-state error & cut-off rate improvement  
while another features higher stability & bandwidth improvement 
thus PID is a compensation for both types 
as lead-lag 
is merely another name for PI-PD combo. 
In addition, Ziegler-Nichols First & Second Tuning Method 
are also applied 
in order to find parameters for said controller types 
Kp, Ti, Td 
assuming the plant's on transient response.

Well, that sums up the subject that consumes 
partly the past 14 weeks of four-hour lectures. 
Sorry for the extremely brief story, I guess. 
I'm in the attempt of 
lessening the gravity of the matter 
while keeping the interest intact in between 
nanti ada yang pening. Siapa tau 
Kepada sesiapa yang belajar benda ni untuk sem ni 
terutamanya geng satu kelas 
semoga berjaya! 
untuk subjek ni dan subjek-subjek yang sewaktu dengannya. 
Best wishes to everyone else whom taking finals too. 

P/S: Using sources from Wiki since I can't link sources from my varsity portal. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pinky Promise With Myself, Made Public

Facebook posts
might disappear
or hard to relocate 
due to new posts 
and shares over time
so let's put it here 
a self-reminder for myself 
and an inspiration (hopefully) 
to people reading.

For I believe, the road of betterment isn't mine alone. 

Regarding my missions 
yes, they're still ongoing 
but let's just say 
I didn't prefer to post it here 
at the moment. 
Till then 
Selamat berjuang untuk kali yang ke-5 
buat rakan seperbarisan! ^_^

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's A Combo!

It may have been too late 
for me to realize this 
then again they say 
"Better late than never" 
So I decided to point it out here 
directly & blatantly 
in this new insight I gained 
about the very academic years 
I've been indulging into in present 
so as to share it with you guys 
and to remind myself in equivalent 
for nobody's actually cared to read this blog 
except me, the very owner. Sobs. 
*forever alone statement, thou shall ignore that* 

*takes breath* 
Alright then 
First thing first 
I'm not sure what about the others 
but I lived up my high school years 
and probably my primary school days 
with the mindset that 
"If you understand the particular lesson well 
you shall recall it properly." 
Of course, I am not belittling the strenuous exercises 
and homework that's taxing up those times back then 
but I'm highlighting that 
I'm good at it during those times 
by simply understanding it. 
Not to brag, but to be grateful. 

Then again 
I must say 
the same trick's not working 
not in my higher education 
didn't notice it that much during foundation studies 
probably since the lessons were pretty much similar to the high school's 
the effect's felt deeply 
during degree studies, that is 
I knew the gap has widen 
by hook or by crook 
and it seems like I'm barely capable 
of doing a proper revamp 
till this moment.
I realized something 
that is 
"Practice, practice, practice" 

It is all but important equally 
as much as understanding them contents 
why is it so? 
For in higher education 
It's not all about theory 
and not all about practical 
It requires coordination of both 
to be considered as "good" 
in that specified field you're into. 
You must understand them lessons 
and also have a proper knowledge 
of an appropriate place 
that knowledge shall be put into use. 
To be good at the latter 
adequate practice is crucial. 

Let's put an analogy or two. 
In a similar case 
You can't never be good in playing music 
if you simply understand the concepts 
You shall need to try playing it with your own, would you? 
Not my pic.
whilst enhancing your language proficiency 
let it be English, Spanish, Malay, French, whatsoever 
You can't never be good at it 
if you understand the theory merely 
You'll have to pronounce each and every freaking word 
sentence, statement 
and have a partner to converse with 
isn't that a form of practice? 

with this newly found 
or rediscovered 
let's see how far it would take me. 
Improvisations. Betterment. 
Anticipating lots of'em to come over 
and knock my damn door. 
God willing. 
Till then. 
Sorry for not updating. 
I'm still consistent on making it a success 
of my quest tho. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nihongo Class.

EUW117 Nihongo Course Syllabus 
It really is not easy 
learning a new language 
even though the language 
is something 
you particularly fond of before 
or even now, maybe. 
Not sure, but it happens that way 
in my case. 
I loved Japanese language, particularly 
and I waited for four semesters 
(like two years) 
just to learn the subject formally 
since before this 
the schedule's keep on clashing. 

Now that I have the chance 
I can barely breathe well 
or think properly 
during the classes  
even though 
I only learnt 20 Hiragana characters 
so far 
in the last class. 
I wondered how am I going to deal 
with Arabic or even Mandarin 
in the next semesters 
(yes I plan to learn both of them too)
Never mind. 
I shall not give up, that is! 
*fiery eyes* 
Ja ne~

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ticket Ticket!

Tiket pergi & balik. 
The ticket above: Kangar - Seremban, 2030 hours, 9th of Oct
The ticket below: Seremban - Kangar, 2230 hours, 20th of Oct

Bahana tidak peka dengan cuti semasa. 
Tak tersangka cuti pertengahan semester begitu awal 
disekalikan dengan cuti sempena Aidiladha. 
Macam pelik gila, cuti terlalu awal. 
Nak balik 11 haribulan, tapi tiket dah habis. 
Baik ketika, sehari sebelum mahupun selepas.  
Terus dirembat tiket balik awal. 
Maaf ya tuan-tuan pensyarah. 
I purposely saving up extra few days of vacation 
just for myself. 
After all 
it's going to be short of holidays 
I'm a third year student, after all. 
May my journey to & fro later on 
be blessed, safe & sound 
so that I can catch up with the lecturers well! 
Till then. Assalamualaikum. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

It's A Year To Work

Writer's block. 
The very main culprit 
that inhibits 
idea generation 
dancing fingers 
and published thoughts. 

Ignore that, anyhow. 
In present 
the new academic year of 2013/2014 has just begun 
so does the semester five  
Praises to the Lord 
that permitted 
a journey this far. 

I decided 
to make it out 
of the comfort zone 
this year. 
So I made this. 

Moga dipermudahkan. 

Yeah. That's the main point. 
I declared it all. 
The station I want to reach. 
The point I don't want to let go. 
Took all the courage that I had. 
But that also lifts me off the shadows I've been in. 
I'm no longer a stealth ninja doing secret missions. 

With that, 
I also plan 
to update monthly on my social networks 
(Facebook, mainly. Probably this blog too) 
about le progress. 
So as my spirit is kept optimum. 
Pray that this is going to be good all the way. 
Till then 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Keperluan & Pilihan.

Makan, itu perlu. 
Makan yang mahal-mahal, itu pilihan. 
Berkereta, itu perlu. 
Berkereta yang mewah-mewah, itu pilihan. 
Walimatul urus, itu perlu. 
Majlis resepsi, itu pilihan. 
Terus hidup, itu perlu. 
Mengutamakan kualiti (bahkan jenama), itu pilihan. 
Mendalami ilmu, itu perlu. 
Mendalaminya setengah jalan, itu pilihan. 
Menginfakkan harta, itu perlu. 
Membelanjakannya dengan berjoli katak, itu pilihan. 
Memiliki kehormatan, itu perlu. 
Memperdagangkannya, itu pilihan.  
Bersuara, itu perlu. 
Bersuara tanpa isi, itu pilihan. 
"To know the system", itu perlu. 
"To condemn the system", itu pilihan. 
Bersakit-sakit dahulu, itu perlu. 
Bersenang-senang dahulu, itu pilihan. 
Perubahan, hijrah. Itu perlu. 
Ke kiri, ke kanan atau ke hadapan? Itu pilihan. 
Menyedari hakikat, itu perlu. 
Melaksanakan tindakan yang bersesuaian, itu pilihan.  
Membaca & bersetuju dengan kalam ini, adalah satu pilihan.  
Mempunyai "common sense" 
untuk mendalami "context" kalam ini... 
itu perlu. 

Not my pic. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sweet Things, Bitter Things.

It's the second week of the semester break 
and I'm a part time worker now. 
Typical me during holidays. 
I just don't like sitting around doing nothing 
even though for this semester break 
I do have some other plans 
but I figure out to keep the money flow coming in
so yeah 
here I am. 
Trying to find some clean income. 
May my efforts be blessed. 

Alright, so... 
I've been working here for three or four days 
and I observed a lot. 
Yet there is this one main thing 
that kept on dragging my attention. 
It's the nature of customers 
I've been dealing with. 
Of the favouritism 
for something sweet, nice, & good-looking 
over the bad, not tasty & ugly things. 
Let it be food & beverages 
clothes & apparels 
or even delicate things like memories & happenings. 
Humans, they just love keeping things sweet 
while despising its bad twin. 

Not my pic.

I come to realize 
that even though it's a common thing 
and sure, it's good to cling on to sweet things 
This nature itself 
makes men mislead of the fact 
that most medicine is bitter 
and sweets are one of the cofactors of diseases 
that sweet things pamper & bedazzle people 
while bitter, sour or even tasteless things 
become the best teacher of men. 
To heal from a particular sickness 
we need to consume antibiotics & pain-killer, whatever they are 
and they aren't sweet. 
To move forward in life 
we need to put a lot of effort 
and that's not a sweet thing, as per say. 

Thus, I believe 
while the nature itself 
isn't a flaw to begin with 
we should also not let ourselves 
be mesmerized by them sweet things 
for they are just illusions 
keeping us clinging around 
failing to scale it higher 
towards a better human in us. 
For that, I'm still relieved 
that I can't find a highly frequent customer 
Like, awat makan donut hari-hari ni? 
Nak jadi bulat macam donut gak kaaaaaaaaaaaaa? 
That will be my first thought if such customer exists. 
Ceq yang baru kerja sini sehari dua pun dah muak makan donut tau 
and I can't believe it if there is a kind of people 
who eats them doughnuts 
macam makan nasi. 
Mohon dijauhkan. 
Till then. 
To let go off the sweet, nice & tasty things 
and to accept the awful, bad & ugly side of them 
is the secret to get over the bridge. 
Probably. Who knows? 
Ja ne~

Thursday, June 27, 2013

All This Time.

Another semester has bygone. 
It was really a buzy one 
or maybe because of the dropping results
and damaged iPad 
and a few other matters
that I abandon quite a few things. 
This blog is included. 
Still, now that it's the long semester break 
might say it's not too late to begin from square one, aite? 
That's it. 
I'll end this one with some pictures 
of what I've been up to since few months ago. 
Just to show that I'm still alive. Kekeke. 
Ja ne~

Arc 1: Beginning of the Semester
Scene: Watching SMSAH band practice

Arc 1: Beginning of the Semester
Scene: Hello Walailak University!

Arc 1: Beginning of the Semester
Scene: Walailak University, TMI Project, UniMAP contingent 

Arc 1: Beginning of the Semester
Scene: Walailak University, TMI Project, Last Day
New friends from UIKA, Bogor

Arc 2: Post mid sem break
Scene: Royal Arts Concert - Audience

Arc 3: Just before finals
Scene: RK85 BBQ Time!

Arc 3: Just before finals
Scene: RK85 BBQ Time! The guys (most of'em)

Arc 3: Just before finals
Scene: RK85 BBQ Time! Closing speech~
P/S: Looking forward for consistent blogging this holiday. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Different Routes to the Same Destination.

A fight remains a fight. 
An interest remains an interest. 
A taste remains a taste. 
Different branches of the same tree. 
Humans, similarly. 

Not my pic.

Our fight may be the same 
as we're but the fellow servants 
but our tastes may be different. 
Kau minat indie tapi aku minat jazz. 
Kau suka maggi dan aku suka maccaroni. 

You can say the worlds are in parallel. 
Your world, mine, other homo sapiens 
Different backgrounds, thus 
different upbringing 
and different principles 
different ways of doing things too. 

You may find my way 
unorthodox or non-conservative  
But don't feel awkward 
or spending a second of getting worried. 
If the worlds are colliding 
then we're almost sure 
to be on the same side 
and going for the same destination.
Kami no Tengoku.  
Why the anxiety then? ^^

Our worlds may collide now 
but sooner or later 
we may carry our own paths. 
That's the norm. 
By that time, 
if you think that I'm but a nuisance 
you can even take me 
as not being existent in the first place 
if you want to. Heh.

Well, on the other hand 
you may find that I'm hard to forget. Duhh. 
If so, then remember this: 
Probably the routes 
are going to be different & unique 
but as long as the destination is the same 
I'm sure 
we'll meet at the finishing line again. 
Someday. :')

P/S: As long as the interest is in line with Him, 
then there shouldn't be anything wrong with it. Hew. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Melting Pot of Feelings, No No.

Aku suka. 
Tapi aku sebak. 
Aku sedih. 
Tapi masih boleh gembira. 
Aku tertekan. 
Tetapi masih boleh bertenang. 
Aku bersantai. 
Tapi aku gusar. 
Aku keliru. 
Tapi dalam keliru, aku nampak jalan.
Sedang dalam nampak jalan itu, 
aku rasa seperti aku masih lagi kurang jelas.
Aku benci. 
Tapi dalam benci, aku rasa sayang. 

Campuran perasaan. 
Gabungan hormon. 
Tidak menentu. 
Berikutan pelbagai perkara 
datang menerpa. 

Sehingga aku hentak diri sendiri, 
"Aku tidak punya masa untuk semua ini."
"Satu-satunya perasaan yang perlu kutanam 
dalam jiwa 
adalah takut."
"Takut akan Dia." 
"Apakah Dia masih lagi pemurah 
untuk meminjamkan aku satu lagi saat 
untuk menghirup nafas di bumi-Nya?" 
"Apakah aku masih punya kesempatan 
untuk melunaskan segala tanggungjawab 
sebelum tiba masanya?"
Takut yang bukan paranoia
Takut yang memandu 
ke arah peningkatan diri 
dari masa ke masa. 
Moga kestabilan akan ditempa. 
Moga Dia memudahkan segalanya. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

On Your Way Up.

Nak menggapai awan, 
bukan kerja mudah. 
Perancangan kena tersusun. 
Supaya rentak tidak berterabur. 
Langkah biar teratur. 
Agak tidak mudah tersungkur. 
Dek keterujaan bertatih menuju bintang. 
Tentunya rahmat Dia juga perlu sekali. 
Mana mungkin kau boleh pergi 
jika tidak diminta restu 
daripada tuan empunya bumi & isi?  

Maka dalam perjalanan, 
Tatkala di altitude sekian sekian, 
pasti akan terasa 
seperti minyak kapal terbang tidak mencukupi. 
ada sesuatu yang tidak lengkap. 
akan perlu nutrisi lebihan  
pembakar semangat tambahan 
umpama quest dalam permainan MMORPG 
"rebus segala rempah ratus 
untuk dua hari dua malam 
lalu dibubuh segala macam bacaan 
dibungkus dengan kain berwarna sekian-sekian" 
lalu poof! Jampi selesai. 
Naiklah satu atau dua level
Namun hakikat tidak semudah mimpi. 
Maka kau terduduk di altitude itu 
Mencari-cari inspirasi 
bahan bakar tambahan, katanya. 
Kaulihat kapal terbang lain 
yang gah membelah angkasa. 
Serta kapal angkasa perkasa 
mara menuju angkasa 
yang kau tak pasti hujung pangkalnya. 
Kau cemburu. Itu biasa. 

Ketika itu 
baru kausedar 
apa yang kauperlu 
untuk maju ke hadapan. 
menyedarinya sahaja 
tidak cukup. 
Mencari kepingan puzzle yang hilang itu 
bukan kerja mudah. 
Jinak-jinak merpati. 
Tampak mesra dari jauh, namun sukar didekati. 
Sekali tersisip, jauh kaujatuh ke bumi. 
Sekali lagi kembali ke petak mula. 

Namun, kaufikir, 
"Apa aku peduli?" 
"Telah banyak kali 
aku terkesima & terduduk 
semasa aku masih bermain di muka bumi. 
Masakan apabila sudah mula menggapai awan, 
aku tidak boleh terjun ke bumi lagi?" 
Lalu kau menjadi nekad. 
Dengan tawakal, kaumerancang strategi B. 
Mungkin juga C, D, E. 
Just in case, kata mereka. 
Atau kau hanya berserah 
dan memberikan yang terbaik. 
"Jika jatuh juga, aku cuma perlu mula kembali. 
Piece of cake. 
Bukankah semua shortcut 
sudah berada dalam genggamanku?" 
Heh. Senyum sinis kepada sisi diri yang 
dikatakan pesimistik. 
Tetapi dalam hati, diucapkan terima kasih 
kerana sisi pesimistik 
menjadi check and balance 
membantu koreksi diri. 

Dengan lafaz basmalah, 
kauteruskan perjalanan 
dengan side quest 
untuk menambah 
koleksi obor pembakar semangat 
di samping kautinggikan sasaran 
"Kali ini kita cuba pergi ke Andromeda." 
Ayuh sahabat! Ayuh diri sendiri. 
Aku ucapkan semoga berjaya. 
Semoga Dia tidak kita lupai. 
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