Saturday, February 11, 2012

Killing Time.

Good evening 
and here am I
writing this post
inside this chilly room
accompanied by this laptop
a few bags
with "My Immortal"
playing at my ears
making it really deep inside the heart.
It feels lonely.
Sitting alone 
How could you imagine that?
Where are my company
How cruel are they
for leaving me here.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adding Spices.

I'm in the middle
of my sem holidays.
Seriously, it's boring.
Bosan yg amat, ya Allah
Holidays without work
are absolutely a bummer.
tapi siapa nak bagi kerja
kat orang yg cuti sem sebulan jek?
Like yeah.
I've been wandering here & there
scouting for jobs
yet I failed.
so here am I
writing this post
not to forget penniless too.
Serves you right.
Who told you to finish off
all your money
back at UniMAP?
Yea right.
It's not like me being all at fault.
Situation calls for money to be used
so I had to use it
Can't be helped, right?
Okay sorry I'm talking to myself.
No I'm not that insane.
I'm just super-bored.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Facebook Status of 0108 hours, 01/02/12 - Elaborated

Within some point in your life 
when you feel like you've lost your way 
you can always refer 
to the people around 
to inspire you again. 
This is called as 
learning from life 

For an instance:
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