Friday, January 25, 2013

Holiday Report.

It's the semester break 
and it has been two weeks already. 
Time sure flies. 
But boy, sure I'm grateful, though 
for this holiday's quite filled 
till it's worth to be published here. Maybe

Not saying that I didn't really do anything 
during the past sem breaks, 
I spent most of the past sem breaks 
in Melaka, 
so it didn't feel like I'm 
actually going out anywhere.. 
because the feeling's like 
moving around 
your house compound, you see?

Meanwhile, for this one, 
I've been going everywhere. 
You bet I am. 
Since the situation has turned out to be different. 
I moved to Seremban, 
and I still don't know much about the place. 
Plus the added factor of Seremban 
being close both to KL & Melaka, 
I'm merely twisting it to my own benefit. Heh-heh 
*evil laugh* 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Semester Three's Wrap-up.

Yeah, I know. The title doesn't really make sense.. 
at least, in my case 
because my Semester Three has ended.. 
like a week ago. 
But, it's due to time constraint (konon
(read it out loud)  
made me posted this 
only by today. :/
Yet, never mind. 
It's not a wrong thing anyway. 
Let's just continue. 
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