Monday, January 24, 2011

Probably the Dinner of a Lifetime.

  1. Time passed and the dinner's finished.
  2. It feels better than ever. By the time I wrote this, I'm still into the mood of the dinner. Didn't have that spirit to go through the books yet.
  3. Liked it really much, although there are some things going wrong here & thr. But what can we do? It's in the past now. 
  4. Nevertheless I regret it for not snapping pics with ALL my acquaintances & friends. Well, let's be positive. There's still time before this sem ends. Somehow rather it feels blissful for having the dinner early. Or I'll regret it because I couldn't spend time to capture those moments :(
  5. At least, I still have some pics with the people that contributed much in my life recently. Luckily I do. 
  6. BTW, as I go through my Facebook's News Feed, I'm captivated by this quote from a friend of my friend : "Apabila kita berkumpul, baru sedar ada banyak lagi yang belum sempat kenal" . 
  7. My phone's running low on battery during this event. Thus, I've to depend on my friends to snap those pics with their high quality camera T.T
  8. As you've seen, I'm putting some pictures of me & my friends here that they manage to keep. As the saying goes, one picture unravels a thousand words. This is just a lil bit of it. If there are more interesting pictures uploaded soon in future, I'll put them here as well.
  9. To all who've been with me in those pictures, I thank you. To the others, thr's still a few chances before we graduate from this foundation programme. Hence, don't be so stingy to hang out together & snap some pics, okay? :)


  1. "Apabila kita berkumpul, baru sedar ada banyak lagi yang belum sempat kenal" .

    seriously afiq . ak pon jumpa quote tu kat album a fren . i do feel what u feel . btw , thanx for being a very go0d committe mate :)

  2. quote tu sgt epic kot. melekat2 kat telinga aku sampai sekarang nii haa. makaseh. aku xsumbang pape pon. ko yg byk menyumbang kepada committee. aku sgt brterima kasih kpd ko sbab sudi join committee utk dinner ni :DD

  3. tu la pasal! aku cari ko time dinner abis tapi xjmpa kot. dpt jumpa deeba ngan eyna je :(


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