Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nihongo Class.

EUW117 Nihongo Course Syllabus 
It really is not easy 
learning a new language 
even though the language 
is something 
you particularly fond of before 
or even now, maybe. 
Not sure, but it happens that way 
in my case. 
I loved Japanese language, particularly 
and I waited for four semesters 
(like two years) 
just to learn the subject formally 
since before this 
the schedule's keep on clashing. 

Now that I have the chance 
I can barely breathe well 
or think properly 
during the classes  
even though 
I only learnt 20 Hiragana characters 
so far 
in the last class. 
I wondered how am I going to deal 
with Arabic or even Mandarin 
in the next semesters 
(yes I plan to learn both of them too)
Never mind. 
I shall not give up, that is! 
*fiery eyes* 
Ja ne~
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