Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is not my picture. Thank you.

Indecisive is the worst condition a man could be into.
Yeah. Being a man requires him to be definite from top to bottom.
If a guy is being indecisive, can he able to lead?
Can he able to take up all the responsibilities awaiting him in future?
Can he able to make moves that need him to have a solid stand?
It's certain that NO should be the answer.
Undoubtedly, making decisions is one of the crucial skills a man must possess. Not to forget some other skills that do not lack of their importance, as well.
Yes, it has always been a problem when it comes to choosing between crossroads.
Somehow rather, it reminds me of "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost.
Maybe I should put it here?

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;        5
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,        10
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.        15
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.        20

It is a very compelling poem, though.
 Again, I remembered when it comes to crossroads, Madam Rose back in high school once taught me that it is a MUST for us to know what do we want, what are our dreams, what shall be our next destination & what should we do to shoot the target right. 
Nevertheless, it is always easier said than done. 
But what is so hard about knowing our desires, dreams & target?
Haih. *speechless*

(Credits to Madam Rose. I'll bear this in mind, anyhow)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pelik tapi Benar.

Okay. Itu tipu. Terima kasih kepada Internet yg lembab. Laptop taley nak kata apa lah sebab ni bukan laptop milik aku. Nampak sangat lah noti ni sebenarnya nak naik dari 23 kepada 24 pastu nak naik kepada 25. Tapi atas sebab-sebab yg misteri, angka itu muncul secara tiba-tiba. Nona & Maula menjadi saksi. Gambar ni pon diabadikan atas bantuan Maula kerana ianya sangat tidak boleh blah. Maula, thanks lagi sekali :))

Tempat kejadian : Raffles 
Waktu kejadian : Lepas aku lunch, lepas Ji'ar, Fikri Syafiq, Fera, Suffi & room mate aku balik & tinggal aku, Maula + Nona

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Tiga serangkai. Da lama aku tak kacau hidup korang macam yg aku biasa wat time Sem 1. Nevertheless, member-member lain pon aku ambil kisah gak sebenarnya. Aku sayang semua member aku, insyaAllah. Maybe it's because of me being raised up as an older brother to six siblings of mine. Cuma in this case, aku da lama sangat tak care kat korang sebanyak yg I used to do, sedangkan tiga orang ni antara orang yg paling banyak contribute dalam hidup aku sejak aku masuk asasi kat sini, paling banyak hang out bersama kat Puncak Alam ni & paling banyak share stories amongst each other. Adilah antara orang terawal yg aku kenal di Puncak Alam. Fera kenal through chat je, then kitorang terus jumpa & da boleh get along. Jannah datang selepas itu. Perangai dia in some ways, mengingatkan aku kpd umi aku kat rumah. Maka itu dapat menjelaskan kenapa aku masih rasa kekok dgn Jannah sampai sekarang. Aku sangat tersentuh dgn perangai diorang yg friendly, so aku kenalkan lah diorang kat room mate aku. Sejak tu diorang rapat macam family kot! Taley blah tol. Mengatasi aku yg kenal each & everyone of them lebih awal. 
Sekarang ini pon, aku macam tak byk cakap sgt dgn diorang. Tak care pasal diorang secara langsung seperti yg selalu aku buat kat semua member aku. Mungkin sebab aku tak berani. Aku risau kalau konflik lama antara diorang berulang lg. Mungkin lah. Seriously, aku nak je borak-borak dgn korang macam dulu, tapi aku da tak banyak point untuk start up the conversation. Plus, da ade banyak orang leh care for them better than aku sendiri, contohnya Faizran, Suffi, Fikri Syafiq, MIA dsb. Hence, aku decided utk duduk dari jauh & perhati je. Kalau ade pape perkembangan korang, aku just tanya Faizran. Kadang2 tu bila dengar Faizran cerita pasal korang tgh sedih, tensen & segala bagai, aku pon rasa macam amat sedih. Sedih sebab tak dapat tolong korang secara langsung. Sedih sebab hanya mampu dengar je. Sedih sebab korang being gloomy. Nama pon kawan baik kan. Bak kata orang, cubit peha kiri, peha kanan terasa juga. BTW aku just nak korang tau kalau korang come across this post, I want you guys to know that "I will always be the last person standing for you guys if there's nobody to be there to lend a hand for you". Aku tak rasa macam aku leh contribute banyak dgn keadaan aku yg camni, tapi definitely, I'll try my best. Aku sangat2 rindu kat korang sebenarnya. Tak tau kenapa. Rasanya aku rindu those memories yg kita lepak sesama kita je during last sem.

P/S : Adilah & Fera, I don't know what has happened to you guys yesterday & post dinner respectively. No matter what it is, please stay strong. We'll always be there for you.

Now that it's all said & done.

  1. At last, I can move on.
  2. Thanks for making me waiting for you since Sem 1 up till now.
  3. Sorry. I'm a Science student. I only accept "Yes" or "No" as the answer, especially when such things are involved. Hence, probably I'm being forceful during the process of me getting the solid answer.
  4. As I've said, I don't care if I'm to be rejected. I just want to be truthful. Apparently you're the one who failed to be truthful right now.
  5. Nevertheless, I don't feel that I intrigued you that much compared to what happened during the last sem. Therefore, it is illogical that you can use "Oh, you're bugging me" as an excuse in present anyhow.
  6. I wondered why you blocked me somehow. It's not like I'm immature enough to attack your personal space. It seems like you're underestimating me as a well-grown adolescent who's going to adulthood soon. Well, it's not me to assume & accuse people irrelevantly, but as I recap our meets, conversations & many more in the past, I can't help but to do so. Probably it's your problem for not being truthful in certain times, especially in this case.
  7. I'm glad that I've obtained a clear picture, although there's still a thick cloud of questions surrounding the atmosphere of my head. 
  8. My hope is that this case will be totally closed. I don't want to hear any badmouthing behind us from both parties. BTW, I think my side is reliable. I'm not sure how's yours. Yeah, I've not been given that chance to know you better, at least as a friend, isn't it?
  9. I can treat you as a better friend from now on. Somehow rather, I'm questioning your credibility to treat me as a friend as you've blocked me. 
  10. Undoubtedly, you're hiding something behind the mask that you wear. Ahh, never mind. It's not a matter for me to concern, am I right? 
  11. Your act of playing around with me (probably?) is just making me fired up to prove myself. Worry not; I'll do so by practicing wiser measures. Please don't take it wrong, I didn't say anything bad here, okay? Ohh I don't think that you're following me either, though :(
  12. Again, I thank you. This is the first time I've handled such case compared to the other cases that I've been handling in the past. It'll be a good lesson for me in future. God willing. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

I know that it has been aired for quite some time, yet this song still mesmerized me for the moment :

Probably the Dinner of a Lifetime.

  1. Time passed and the dinner's finished.
  2. It feels better than ever. By the time I wrote this, I'm still into the mood of the dinner. Didn't have that spirit to go through the books yet.
  3. Liked it really much, although there are some things going wrong here & thr. But what can we do? It's in the past now. 
  4. Nevertheless I regret it for not snapping pics with ALL my acquaintances & friends. Well, let's be positive. There's still time before this sem ends. Somehow rather it feels blissful for having the dinner early. Or I'll regret it because I couldn't spend time to capture those moments :(
  5. At least, I still have some pics with the people that contributed much in my life recently. Luckily I do. 
  6. BTW, as I go through my Facebook's News Feed, I'm captivated by this quote from a friend of my friend : "Apabila kita berkumpul, baru sedar ada banyak lagi yang belum sempat kenal" . 
  7. My phone's running low on battery during this event. Thus, I've to depend on my friends to snap those pics with their high quality camera T.T
  8. As you've seen, I'm putting some pictures of me & my friends here that they manage to keep. As the saying goes, one picture unravels a thousand words. This is just a lil bit of it. If there are more interesting pictures uploaded soon in future, I'll put them here as well.
  9. To all who've been with me in those pictures, I thank you. To the others, thr's still a few chances before we graduate from this foundation programme. Hence, don't be so stingy to hang out together & snap some pics, okay? :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dear You-Know-Who-You-Are, I need you to read this.

  1. Someone from me in the past said that I've changed. It's you.
  2. Yeah, I've changed. From the social aspect, I'm no longer bounded by my family. I'm not restricted by regulations from anybody. My only limitation probably is the amount of money in my account.
  3. It is undeniable. I love evolutions. I hate staying in the same pace. I would ever love to change continuously depending on the situation. 
  4. NEVERTHELESS, I'm still the same, here & there. I love my mum. I love my siblings. I love my family except for my dad for he's the one who has caused the lifetime chaos of mine & the rest of the family. 
  5. I still have to make sure that my aunt, my uncle, my cousins etc etc feel proud of having me as one of their family members. Yeah, I'm fighting from the outside to save my family. Hence, I need to prove that this fight is not something that is totally bloody shit or I'll make every single penny that they've entrusted in me-although it's not much but it's fine somehow-not worth it. It's the same case to you. Because I'm obligated to repay everything that you've invested in me as well. And as long as it is not completed, I'LL NEVER STOP. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I SAY "I WANT IT TO BE". Please bear that in your mind, AGAIN.
  6. Yes, I admit it. I can't fight alone. I need a comrade. A lifetime comrade that knows me and my way very well, willing to lend a hand and a pair of ears, willing to share the pain, give the shoulders to cry. A comrade to protect and TO LOVE. That's me. Because I'm upholding this principle that "Even in a world full only with enemies, there will always be someone you must protect." You know that very well. Definitely, it is a must for the comrade to be a girl. Undoubtedly, the girl was you. I repeat, it WAS you. But it is not for now. I don't want this lame, stupid, idiotic bloody lame ass to spill the paint and spoil your fine built house. I know you too well since the first page of our love story in Form 1. Thus I realised that I should let you go off to be with a better guy. A guy like me should end up with something worst. You're like a high-ranked angel, living in the highest stairs of heaven, and I'm like a shadow demon that lives in the deepest labyrinths of the underworld. I don't even know why I give this analogy, though. But I think it's clear enough to show the difference between us. Not to forget all the tense from living alone made me reminded of the conflicts that we're having in the past thus causing my love to fade away from you. 
  7. I'm moving on here. Yet I'm helping you to move on too. I'm not that selfish, okay? How could I be selfish to those people who've been a part of my life? However, you're too stubborn to do so. It really sounds like you. You just can't let me go. I accept it. I admit it that it's hard for me too. You told me not to find a new one. I did it, although you know that it is freaking tough for me to do so. I'm suffering deep inside by fighting alone. You should've known that better, therefore you should've appreciated it more because I did this for you. Instead, you listen to talks from nowhere and keep accusing me with those bullshits. Never mind. I'm a street rat. You're that cat in the palace. You can keep playing with me and my heart as you have the fragments of my heart's key. 
  8. In spite of that, I'm still able to put on my poker face in front of my friends. Fake a smile and pretend nothing has happened. Act like I've moved on and had a new crush. In fact, nothing has changed YET. Never. Since the last day I let you go. The cat has never been let out of the bag, because I know that this should be something private between me and you. Yes, it should be. Our relationship is a privilege to us, and only us. Do you remember the code?
  9. Okay, I can still contain it. Not till YOU SEND ME THAT TEXT MESSAGE. Gosh! I'm in a middle of helping in some event, balancing my studies and so on and so forth which are totally harder for me than before. It's a hit to me, and getting hit in these not-so-good moments are such a pain in the ass. In the name of God, I cried in my heart. Truly. I don't think I can bear this any longer. Probably it's because of all these tense coming up all in once. My dear, do you realised that you've broken the vital law, ever since the beginning of the ending? I keep cool out of it for such a long time. Now, "Thanks" is the only token of gratitude that I could issue to you, as you're causing me to do the same thing, here. 
  10. It feels like discussing things with you will never put on a ceasefire as it did before. 
  11. Hopefully you'll read this and understand how awful I am by trying to survive here. Believe me, it sucks to fight alone in the dark without any guidance. 
  12. I'm sorry. I can't continue this fight with you as a comrade. I need to find a new one although it'll be worst than having you by my side. Somehow rather, I don't think I'll found "her". My girlfriends here in Puncak Alam are so much of perfection as you are, which is not suitable for me, a stray dog. The only thing is you've contributed too much to me and I appreciated it with a concentrated solution of humble and respect.
  13. Again, I hope that you'll read this. This one's directed to you. I don't want to hate you more, darling. Please don't make that happen. I really want us to be the best of friends, even though I can't fulfill my promises to you. I'm not qualified to do so. Yes, I'll redeem myself to you in future. That's a promise that I would die for. You can count on it. It's just that I need you to let this bastard off your perfect life. No hard feelings please. I've cried in my heart a lot, which is painful as you can't show it off to public. You know that I break into tears easier than any other guys, don't you? Please don't even say that I blame you for this. I just want you to remember how tender my heart is as to be compared with these hardships I'm facing right now.
  14. I remembered that I promised to make you happy. It's the only reason I've been up with my stand in the first place, which made you labeled me as being egoistic. No, it's not. I prefer looking you being happy from afar compared to being by your side and making you weep always. I missed growing up together with you. Definitely, I'll regret it for not growing old with you as well. Deep inside, I... *speechless* *tears drop*

Friday, January 21, 2011

Okay, semalam punya cerita. Tak best pon. Tapi nak tulis gak di sini.

Aku mulakan semalam dgn main sejenis game ni dgn MIA dari 1200 lagi. Mula-mula tu rumet aku join, last2 kitorang berdua je yg main sampai kul 0700. Aku anggap ini sebagai pelepas tensen aku berikutan perkara-perkara yg berlaku semenjak dua menjak ni. Kot lah. Lepas je main, terus tumbang sampai 1100 kot. Melepas aku nak ke rehearsal awal2. Datang2 je shah da handle semua. Aku mcm da xde keje. Rasa bersalah sgt. Sorry shah! Pastu aku try la tolong2, tengok2 mana yg patot. Tapi rasanya mcm aku lg byk menyemak je daripada menolong. Haih, ni la dia. Sape suruh wat keje gila pastu tumbang. Kan baik aku terus bangun je. Leh jadi zombie.

Tengahari dalam kul 1200 tu, aku pergi lunch dgn Atiqah & Jannah. Tak senonoh je kan, da la dtg lambat, pastu pergi lunch pulak, padahal org lain tak makan pon. Afiq, Afiq (menggeleng-geleng). BTW during lunch tu aku try nasi kerabu. For the first time kot! Ni semua ajaran Ustazah Atiqah ye (ustazah aku plus cikgu bahasa Kelantan aku. Aku panggil ustazah sebab dia suka tegor aku kalau aku tak bagi salam setiap kali aku kacau dia kat IM facebook). Sangat2 nice. Nyesal kot xamik penuh sepinggan T.T

Okay, da lps smbyg sgala bagai, aku stay kejap tgk budak KPop then kul 1500 aku balik bilik. Ingatkan nak study, wat keje lab ke hapeh kan. Last2 aku end up mencari lagu utk blog. SENGAL. Yeah that's the word. Aku habiskan ptg tu just utk wat benda ni je. Aiyoooooooooo Afiq! Tak senonoh la ko ni. Rizal ampun sebab tak ikut ko balik Angsana ye.

Petang pulak, aku ajak member aku jalan2 jogging. Pakai la seluar pendek yg biasa guna time nak pergi jogging tu sebab da xde seluar lain. Last2 kena sound dgn pak cik baju biru. Kena la naik balik tuka seluar. Haih, aku pelik betul dgn manusia berbaju biru tu. Da brp kali aku jogging dgn seluar pendek, lepas je. Xde dia nk tegur ke hapeh. Semalam tu gak la dia nak sound. Nasib baik dia xsaman. Kalau dia saman, lg panas aku rasa. Tape la, last2 aku turun gak jalan dgn member aku tu. Jalan je la sebab seluar pendek tu la seluar jogging sehelai yg aku ade. Lain2 semua baru basuh semalam, baru jemur, maka ianya masih tak kering lagi. Ehh jap, nape cara aku cakap macam aku jalan tak pakai seluar je? O.o Member aku tu bawak member dia sorang lg. Dia jog lah, kitorang jalan je. In the end kitorang still naik atas sesama, siap leh pergi raffles teman beli barang jap + tengok kedudukan table utk member aku tu.

Waktu malam, lantaran ketidakbergunaan aku yg tidak menyiapkan kerja, jadi aku terpaksa menyiapkan segalanya dalam bilik. Consequently, aku tak pergi meeting committee lah. Firasat aku kata macam nyesal je tak pergi kan. Tapi pe leh wat, kerja punya pasal. Arep pon da kata nak lepak dgn aku nak saing wat kerja sama2. Namun dia ni gedik sikit. Nak pergi makan dulu. Aku pon ajak la makan kat Raffles, sebab kat Angsana ada ramai committee members, nanti ape lak diorang cakap kan kalau nampak aku. Aku da la tak menyumbang pape. (Kantoi gak sebab selisih dgn Atiqah & Adilah time nak makan tu. Mintak maaf guys)

Okay, so to cut it short, aku da siapkan kerja aku. SIKIT, sangat sikit sebab aku tumbang agak awal kerana kecapetan. At least da lepas kelas lah. Jadi kedudukan aku agak selamat sekarang. Arep punya tatau camne sebab dia balik awal. Ade kes dgn rumet aku. Tacing punya kes time sedang main sejenis game yg aku sebutkan tadi. Aku da tersepit kat tengah. Adeyy. Korang baik2 la cepat ye. Tak elok perang dingin lama2 ni. Huhu. Aku da mengantuk mcm haram ni sebab tak cukup2 tido. Pemalas Penat la katakan. Ala benda ni senang je kalau nak solve. Bagi aku kerja yg aku suka dalam kuantiti yg banyak, sure aku tak mengantuk. Cuma sekarang ni tak de benda best nak buat lagi. So menguap je la kerja aku. Tape sok time dinner nanti berasap-asap la aku nak ke hulu ke hilir kan. Tapi macam lah aku ade keje sgt. Aku macam tak menyumbang pape kot. Sangat sedih. Da la tak dapat dtg meeting semalam. Ade surprise party utk Fik. Tengok kan aku da kata aku pasti menyesal sebab tak datang. Waaa~

P/S : Malas nak tulis dalam English utk post ni. Boleh tak? Macam la ade orang nak baca kan =.=

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hating Himself.

  1. I hate myself.
  2. I can't help my friends. This is against my code.
  3. All this while, everything's going on a rush till I couldn't keep myself updated of what's going on.
  4. I felt that we had only discussed about the venue & themes. All of a sudden, the event is just five days away & I'm super blank about it. 
  5. Maybe it's because of me & my ignorance.
  6. Maybe it's because I'm afraid to lose myself.
  7. Maybe it's because I'm bounded.
  8. Whatever it is, I regret because I took the easiest job on the first place.
  9. Never thought that this job would be freaking easy that I've a lot of free time & causing myself of being unable to keep up with their pace due to the laziness. Yeah, I got my work settled. However, what about the others? Are they doing well? Can they finish their work ASAP? Is there any problem occurred? Eff, I'm totally clueless!
  10. Well, on the good side, I can focus on my studies more.
  11. Nevertheless, there are friends who need more help than I do. Isn't that being selfish, Afiq?
  12. Plus, I failed my Chemistry. Shoot! Now I'm trembling with the possibilities that I will slack my Math's paper. Doesn't seem to me like studying, somehow. Hence, what am I doing during those ample times??
  13. I've expected hectic weekdays & weekends in present. But I never thought that this will happen. So many things to do, so much things to settle, so little time, so little information. Yeah, I wanna lend a hand but I know nothing! Yes, it sucks. Truly.
  14. If only I step up earlier & take charge. If only I cared more during the first steps. If only I know what's happening from top to bottom, from A to Z, this shit will never happen. 
  15. It's too late now, somehow. Just have to ensure that I possess enough endurance to help myself & the others to make it through this week. I know I will regret this for a lifetime for not playing the key role instead.
  16. I wish that this weekend will be a blast as a pay-off for everything that they've done & sufferings that they've undergo throughout this whole time.
  17. Again, I hate myself right now. *Screaming*

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Homesick Assaults.

  1. This 2nd semester has been going on for a couple of months already.
  2. I haven't returned home ever since the beginning of this sem.
  3. Well, like I'd given the chance to, isn't it?
  4. At least, I missed my hometown. It's the place where I grew up & learnt life. The place where I rose & I fell.
  5. Deep inside, it feels way too long since the last time I took a walk at Mahkota Parade, loafing around Dataran Pahlawan, wasting time by reading books at Thai Kuang, hanging out with my friends back in high school. I really missed that kind of atmosphere. 
  6. I think I had enough of myself getting stuck here in Puncak Alam.
  7. I don't think I can stand it anymore. I need to go back. Like really, really, really have to.
  8.  I've lots of things to do back in Melaka. Could make an ongoing list out of it. Still, I'm not sure whether I can finish all of them by the end of the week.
  9. Sorry Adilah. Sorry Fera. Sorry Faizran. Sorry Fikri Syafiq. Sorry guys. Can't fulfill the promise to make it to the food test with all of you. Seriously, I'm getting damn homesick right now, right here. Astonishingly, this is very rare to me =.='' 
  10. First & foremost, I need to see my mum when I reached Melaka this Friday. Ariff, please help me to make it a reality. I beg you :D

Saturday, January 8, 2011


  1. Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden Powell once said, "Once a Scout, Always a Scout."
  2. Well, that's one of the stand that I uphold till this day.
  3. Yes, I missed Scouting. Ever since I left high school.
  4.  I missed going to camps. Having bonfires with my friends under the shade of the trees. Looking up at the stars. Pulling pranks on each other. Constructing tents & collecting the badges together. Organising meetings & leading the march. Hanging out with fellow Scout members.
  5. It just feels like yesterday.
  6. Hopefully I can obtain the chance to cherish those moments again. 
  7. Still, I'm proud to live my life as a Scout back in these five years of high school. Oh, I prefer to call it as a First Fort Scout. Although the fort has not been in it's best for decades.
  8. Missed you guys. Wished if a reunion camp is possible for all of us.
    Yours sincerely,
    The 84th First Fort Scouts Troop Leader,
    Session of 2008/2009. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What a day.

  1. So many things have happened today, making it worthy to be written here.
  2. I'm starting the day with a late wake-up. Great. Don't want to blame anybody for that.
  3. Missed my class in the morn.
  4. As I'm having my lunch, I get caught red-handed with my friend for breaking the promise of not eating rice for a week. Sorry, friend. Reconsidering that I've a test this week, I think I need some extra energy for it. Hence I need to break it before it's too late. Apologizes please? :D
  5. Well, the rest is going fine. Till the MUET result comes out.
  6. I get a satisfactory result. Alhamdulillah.
  7. Kinda made my day though. Then I have a slow jog with a friend of mine. The same person who caught me red-handed just now. LOL. It has been a long time since I jogged with her. Kinda brings the old memories though :)
  8. But my roomie seems like tensed up. His result's not on his expectation, anyways. Same goes for a few of my friends. Feels bad for them.  
  9. All of a sudden, I find out that my crush is having another guy. 
  10. Well, it's fine with me, IF and ONLY IF she rejected me when I confessed to her earlier.
  11. Yeah, she's giving me a false hope & I hate her for that.
  12. I mean, I don't mind if she gives a "No" on the other day. Nevertheless, she gave me hope. Yet she's the one whom make that hope shattered into pieces. Nice work there, babe.
  13. This good mixture of happy & sad feelings made me a heartless person.
  14. Later, another friend of mine..well, a girl confessed to him. Not a girl of his type. Hence, I've to put aside all my blues & work all out to help him sorting out his problem. Glad that it's settled, somehow.
  15. Haih. Gotta end this day by playing a few games, Facebooking, going online etc. etc. Study? Probably not. It has been quite a day for me to study. Luckily I'm not rushing for a deadline, though. However, I should get my hands on those books as the test will be starting this Saturday. Urghh.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Post. Hopefully it's not too late.

  1. 2011. It's finally here. 
  2. With the arrival of 2011, time has moved in a bigger scale. 
  3. Yeah, before this, time flows from the least of seconds to the most of days, weeks & months. 
  4. Having the time to move in years is somehow rather can be quite remarkable. Anything could possibly happen in a year. Therefore, to have you yourself to last throughout the year in one piece is magnificent.
  5. Okay. Since the year 2011 has still newly arrived, it's quite common to see people around making new resolutions. They make it every year each time a new year comes by. That's good. 
  6. However, reconsidering that time also moves in a smaller scale, the necessity of having these resolutions for each new year is questionable.
  7. Why does it have to be New Year for these resolutions? Why can't it be other moments? 
  8. Time is changing rapidly, as I said. To cope up with these, we need to change rapidly as well. Making just a New Year resolution wouldn't be enough.
  9. What's crucial is to keep on changing & resolving whenever necessary. Only then a progress-no, a fruitful progress can be achieved.
  10. Shortly, can I say that making New Year resolutions is just some trend? Or can I say as we change & resolve whenever needed, we're actually having a New Year?
  11. Anyways, Happy New Year 2011 :)

    Truth Moments On Facebook. (Again?)

    It may seem a bit late, but I think I need to do this. Regarding the game, to think of it, it's inappropriate for not compiling all the confessions that I'd written about my friends as well. Thus, to make it up, I listed all of them here, plus the ones that I didn’t write it as my status :)

    • 0811. Pernah dengar nama dari housemate ko. Tapi xnah jumpa. Last2 jumpa sem ni gak. Agak gila. Maybe sangat gila kot. Sangat taley blah tang ko cabul mamat tu. Tiap kali ingat benda tu, aku senyum sorang2. Glad to know & to work with you :)
    • 2403. Earliest Facebook friends kot. Tapi da kat tengah2 sem 1 baru jumpa. Lps da jumpa ko, asyik2 nak selisih je dgn ko kan. Sem ni pon sama je. Latest selisih dgn ko ialah time nak balik dari sunway. Nevertheless haven't get the chance to hang out dgn ko. Tapi tape lah. Bila ade masa nanti jumpa lagi. Aku sentiasa free utk diajak melepak :D
    • 0555. My favourite number! Teringat kat cite Kamen Rider Faiz. Ngekk. Ko masa mula2 kenal memang sangat pemalu kan. Mula-mula tu nak tego pon segan. Bila da cam muka segala bagai, baru terserlah keramahan dia. Rasanya ko antara member yg selalu ingat kat aku. Aku terharu gila kot. BTW, aku doakan org kesayangan ko sembuh cepat. Kalau ade pape masalah, jangan rasa kekok nak cite dengan aku ye :)
    • 8999.39361. Fuhh! Specific gila. Aku suka! Perangai ko mengingatkan aku kpd old times aku masa kat high school. Sangat best lepak dgn ko. Da lama aku xjumpa orang yg sangat gila macam ko. Nasib kita lebih kurang sama je. Aku harap ko akan jumpa matlamat hdup ko 1 ari nanti. Aku tunggu ari tu sampai sebab aku yakin ko akan jadi sangat3 hebat bila ko da jumpa something worth to protect for, tambah2 lak ko sorang laki.
    • 5000. Sangat periang. Tambah2 lak kalau ade partner dia dua org tu. Time sem 1 aritu, asal nampak aku je mesti nak jerit nama aku kuat2. Kan2. Sem 2 ni nampak lagi rajin then before. So da jarang nampak ko turun raff. Tapi tape lah, itu ssuatu yg positif sgt3. Aku doakan ko berjaya :D
    • 6789. Ex-lecturemate! Masa mula2 kenal tu sangat geram gak la bab asik ngan headset ko je. (Padahal aku pon sama je) Da lama2 kenal tu baru tau yg ko sangat3 best. Aku still ingat lg time kita conquer area tepi blah kanan 2nd & 3rd row dgn adri. Kalau leh aku nak duduk dgn ko lagi sem ni, tapi pe leh wat, da group lecture len2 skrg. Ape pon, aku respek ko. Ko sgt pandai. Tahniah lg sekali bab dapat 4 flat aritu :)
    • 424.22. Haa da sampai pon turn ko. Pe aku nak cakap ehh? Ohh. Aku suka gila chat dgn ko time sem 1. Tapi bila da jumpa, nak pandang aku pon susah. Padahal aku yg stat tego dulu. Tapi skunk da okey da. You are nice. Looking forward to hang out with you in future :)
    • 666. As you requested. Haha. Ko sangat stylo. Cool. Aku risau nak campur dgn ko mula2 bab ko nampak macam kerek je. Bila da kenal, baru aku tau bahawa ko sangat best utk diajak melepak. Aku paling ingat time kita main status Dragon Ball tu. Looking forward untuk main basket dengan ko. Tapi kena tunggu aku body-building sikit. Hehe.
    • 1367 perpuluhan 0976. Twinnie! Kembar nama. Hehe. Sangat ♥ kamu. Banyak benda kita share sama-sama. You sangat sporting. Nice. Tapi sayang kita xnah lepak sama-sama lagi. I'm looking forward to that. I sangat sedih time u break up tu. Keep strong ye darl. I wish your success. Kalau dapat pergi Ireland, I hantar sampai KLIA. InsyaAllah kalau ade rezeki :)
    • Nombor 7. Baru kenal. Suka main wall post. Tak berhenti main wall post sejak kenal aritu sampai sekarang. Haha. Taley nak cam muka lagi la. Kalau nampak saya nanti sila pukul saya dengan batang penyapu ye. Wee~
    • 0987. Teringat time aku belanja igloo tu. Hehe. Best kawan dgn ko. Tapi sekarang ko macam da sibuk dengan studies & dinner. Tape lah. Aku faham. Dan aku sangat happy yg ko dapat fit into the committee. Aku doakan ko supaya ko sentiasa strong. BTW ko da cite dgn ayah ko ke belum psl result ko tu? Aku tatau pe cite ni. Huhu.
    • 4892. Pro Dota! Sangat pro. Sangat taley blah bila ko main sebelah aku tadi pastu rampage 2 kali guna Bat Rider level 2. Sem 1 aritu ko sakit kan? Teringat time room mate aku ulang-alik ke A4 semata-mata untuk jaga ko. Sorry la aku xdpt wat cmtu. Teruk kan aku? Last2 dapat 4 flat gak. Tahniah la. Ade hikmah sume tu. Ape pon, sorry bab wat bilik ko terkunci & terpaksa tido dgn aku malam ni. Hehe.
    • 1710. Sabar le, aku nga taip ni. Tembak kang. Hehe. Wei pendek, ko sgt cute. Tapi aku berat mulut ckit nk ckp dgn ko bab aku xhensem mcm laki ko Mr HA. Haha. Still ingat lagi masa mula-mula cam ko ketika Adilah curi aku masuk meeting committee.
    • Sorry 2204, aku lambat! Ko antara member yg aku mula-mula kenal kat Palam. Sangat best chat dgn ko. Status ko pon best.Tapi da tengah2 sem 1 baru cam muka ko. Pastu jumpa lagi dalam group J1. Sangat aktif berblogging. Aku rasa nak wat blog pon sbab ko gak. Nanti bila aku da wat blog, ko follow aku ye. Haha. Sekarang da sama2 dalam ajk lak. It's nice to be your comrade anyways, matey ^^
    • Nombor 15. Mula-mula tu aku add je kat Facebook. Pastu aku tegur2 kat chat, pon ko sombong gak dgn aku kan. Hehe. Da lama kenal baru la nampak keramahan ko tu :p Aku still taley cam muka ko smpai sekarang. Xadil wei.
    • 777. Sorry lambat, aku nga fikir ayat nak puji ko :p Aku taley blah ngan ko bab ko ahli PBSM yg sgt kuat. Kalau leh tiap2 ari nak balik uma kan? BTW, it's nice to know you. Bila ade masa nanti lepak sama2 kat Melaka la wey. Tu pon kalau ko nak :p
    • 088880. Sangat unik. Macam orang dia gak. Best chat dgn ko. First time jumpa time aku kirim mcD kat ko masa sebelum sem 2 stat. Tahniah bab dapat scholarship tu wei. Plus, nanti bila cuti sem, bawak aku g Besut tau :)
    • 1610. Tauke kurma! Haha. Mesti ko da tido kan time aku tulis ni. Kurma ko sedap la. Nak lagi ley? Sejak aku berurus niaga dgn ko aritu, aku rasa aku da xnmpak ko lagi da. Huhu. Kalau nampak nanti tegur2 lah ye :D
    • 4553. Kak! Lama da xnampak. 1st time jumpa time Jambori Melaka 2007. Ingat lagi selalu lepak sama-sama sampai xingat dunia. Lol. Looking forward for the next hang out. Tapi skunk da susah nak nampak bab akak da duduk jauh kat Sarawak. Huhu.
    • 12345. Wei belaja tadika balik ke? :p Ex-classmate group J1. Sangat kecoh. Kena dgn cara aku. Hehe. Masa 1 group dulu selalu lepak sama-sama kan? Wee~ Sekarang da sibuk ckit da + group da lain2, so da jarang nampak. Tapi tape lah, bila-bila nanti aku ajak ko hang out, ko jgn xdtg lak. Huhu.
    • 5446. Sorry lambat wei. Computer macam tut. Umm classmate time J1 gak. Selalu tacing dgn aku. Hehe. Tahun baru ni harap2 boley jadi a better friend of yours.
    • 5778. Kenal time lepak dgn Atiqah & Fatihah. Pastu selalu sgt selisih. Tapi bila tego wat2 xnampak lak. Huhu. Tape lah, maybe ko xnampak kot. Hopefully boleh lepak sama2 dgn korang bertiga lagi. Best!
    • 123. Lagi sorang baru belajar kenal nombor :p Gurau je ye. Kenal time kat committee. Muka xnah nampak. Ko memang duk bilik je eh? Tape la. Yg penting skrg ialah since ko da jadi member aku, so brsiap2 la utk diganggu oleh aku sepanjang masa. Wee~
    • 9916. Senior! Lama xnampak. Da berjaya ye sekarang. Dulu kat sekolah jarang tegur. Tapi respect tetap respect lah. Saya kan budak baik :p
      [Extensions : Sorry senior for the short praises. The only thing that made me remembered you was the Melaka 2007 Jamboree. Not to forget, your younger brother. He's enthusiastic in Scouting (at least till my time) & he's smart too, just as you. I wonder if you're as enthusiastic as him when you're young. BTW when you've the time to return to Msia, let me know so that I can demand for goodies :p]
    • 1992! Umm, 4892 suruh ko pm aku eh? Haha. Ko sangat cool. Minus the fact yg ko kuat makan! Haha aku pon sama gak. Nanti kita lawan siapa lagi terer makan lah ye. Lol. Thanx bab jadi member 4892 ni. Kalau x nanti tade spe nak kawan dgn dia *Bak kata dia la. Hehe*
    • Nombor 7 yg kedua. Kali ni laki lak. Labuan mari. Suka lepak dgn ko kat behind seat time lecture. Asal xley tahan ngantuk je, mesti aku main dgn IPod ko. Hehe. Sangat tersentuh dgn semangat ko nk stdy utk sem ni. Aku harap ko berjaya score utk sem ni & jadi doktor. Pasal that girl, aku rasa she's owned lah. Can't help you with that T.T
    • 0017. Baru kenal kot! Paling taley blah time room mate aku panggil ko AN*S. Hehe. Time ko dance tu pon smart gak. Stylo kot. Aku harap ko ley perform time dinner nanti. Tahun ni aku harap dpt lepak lebih byk lg dgn ko lah ye. Tu pon kalau ko da abis layan istri2 ko :p
    • 0604. Sorry wei! Aritu aku tumbang tanpa memberi salam. Tapi memang camtu pon perangai buruk aku. Huhu. Satu-satunya yg aku igt psl ko ialah time kita jumpa kat sunway dgn mas tu. Tapi ampun la ye, aku da lupa la muka ko camne. Nanti bila nampak aku, tolong baling batang penyapu kat aku ye sbg denda. Huhu.
    • 1992 gak. Tapi jiran rumah sebelah. Sorry xlayan ko tadi, aku pening menaip. Hehe. Selalu aku wat cmtu kan. Teruknya aku =.='' Mula-mula kenal, aku rs mcm ko ni sombong je. Macam taley masuk. Last2 aku sdar yg ko ni member yg sgt3 baik. Pape pon, ko sentiasa dialu-alukan utk datang ke bilik kitorang. Tapi kalau aku xlyn sgt tu, ampun ye. Sila salahkan Facebook serta assignment2 saya :)
    • 6626. Ceria. Periang. Gembira. Gay. Ape lagi nak cakap ye? Hehe. Sangat aktif juga. Kalau boleh, anda nak menari, menyanyi & MCing. Tabik spring lahh. Rasanya nah lepak sekali je dgn anda time nak g Sunway. Tapi kalau nak kira lepak time meeting committee, tu xyh cite la. Wee~ Sangat suka tengok hubungan kamu dgn si dia. Da kahwin nanti jangan xjemput ye :)
    • 2392. Buatapakah? Anda sangat baik. Harap dapat cam muka anda supaya dapat menegur anda segera. Kalau anda rasa anda cam muka saya, tegur lah saya dahulu. Kalau tidak, boleh baling penyapu ke muka saya. Huhu.
    • 225, thanx bab jaga & tolong tengok-tengokkan room mate aku. Aku kenal ko pun through dia. Ko selalu senyap je dgn aku kan. Tape lah, maybe bab aku pon xberapa byk ckp kalau dgn ko. Hopefully this year will bring a better prospect for our friendship :)
    • 196. Kenal through Anis. Sangat peramah. Kelakar pon kelakar. Punya attitude yg sangat comel. Haha! Sekarang da jarang contact. Agak sedih. Huhu. Mungkin sebab da sem 2 kan. Tape lah. Saya doakan anda berjaya. Wee~
    • 14. Akhirnya saya dapat no anda! Ampun. Earliest friends at Palam. Xbyk ckp pada mulanya. Tapi bila da kenal lama, saya rasa anda teramat baiiiiiiiiiiiiiik. Anda ada general knowledge yg sgt tinggi about these trends. Kadang2 bila lepak dgn anda, saya boleh terkedu bab rasa sgt3 outdated. BTW saya suka tengok semangat anda belajar. Sangat GIgih. Dan juga GILa. It's really good to be your friend :)
    • 99.99. Hey anda! Sangat hebat bermain catur. Juga sangat fanatik. Anda menghidupkan semangat saya utk bermain catur yg telah luntur ketika di bangku sekolah dahulu. Anda jenis yg diam2 ubi berisi. Sangat respect anda. Kalau ada masa nanti saya nak bermain catur dgn anda lagi :)
    • 56999999999 Wow! Amat panjang. Padahal namanya sangat simple. Sesimple orangnya. Haha. Agak periang, macam cik 2204 jugak. Kenal anda pun menerusi dia di group J1. Teringat lagi detik ketika saya terbuat anda sakit hati. Masih lagi rasa bersalah tentang itu. Selain itu, anda seperti sangat senyap dgn saya. Mungkin sebab baru kenal kot. Tape, I'm looking forward to a better friendship between us. Wee~
    • 8998. 1st time jumpa masa ko tolong aku tangkapkan gamba ko dgn member2 ko time aku tgh jog. Paling taley blah time jumpa ko lagi masa meeting dgn Eruzu. Lagi taley blah bila ko kenal mamat yg selalu lepak dgn aku time F3 dulu. Nampak macam senyap je mula2. Rupanya tu sume topeng belaka. Haha. Cuma aku rasa macam taley lagi nak gila2 tahap maksimum dgn ko. Maybe kena amik masa sikit kot. Huhu.
    • 2011? Haha. Da lama kenal nama. Tapi first time jumpa masa ko da nak blah. Sangat taley blah + sedih. Huhu. Pe leh wat, tu pilihan ko. Yg penting, sbg member, aku harap ko berjaya. BTW, aku sgt tabik kebolehan mengarang ko. Sangat taley blah. Lol!
    • Kembali memuji orang. Bermula dgn nombor 737. Anda antara orang yg suka jerit nama saya kuat2 setiap kali anda nampak saya. Sangat periang. Gila-gila. Kelakar. Asyik nak gelak tiap2 kali lepak dgn anda serta kembar anda yg sorg lg tu. Tanpa anda, maybe saya takkan rasa melepak di Raffles sesuatu yg homely bagi saya :D
    • 12. Wey harap je nak jogging ari2, tapi sekarang ni nampak batang hidung pon xde. Haha. Gurau je. Ko sgt suka bercakap. Juga sgt memberi mood utk bercakap. Ade je benda nak cakap dgn ko. Amat gemar keluar. Nanti bila2 ade masa, ajak la aku kuar ye. Haha. Pape pon tahniah bab result gempak gila aritu. Aku sangat3 respect ko bermula dari detik itu.
    • Nombor 6. Satu-satunya budak old school batch aku yg bagi nombor kat aku setakat ni. Agak sengal. Kalau jumpa ko mesti tak kuaU nama betul. Balik2 panggil nama bapak. Terbaik dari ladang. Nampak senyap je, tapi agak kuat menganjing. Sangat expert main boling, walaupon aku jarang nampak ko main sekerap Nizam. Da kahwin nanti jangan tak panggil aku! Haha.
    • 415, 99 per seribu part one : Baru sekarang nak pm no ye. Tape tape ko punya pasal, aku wat gak. Haha. Orang yg paling awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal sekali aku kenal kat Asasi Sc ni. Paling aku xsgka ialah ko lah org yg bergado dgn aku time kat PKNS bab time tu aku xcam muka ko. Aku suka style ko. Gedik & Gila. Haha.
      415, 99 per seribu part two : Juga seorg member yg sgt baik smpai aku kenalkan kat room mate aku. Skrg ko da baik sgt dgn dia, kalah aku! Tapi tapelah. Aku takesah kenalkan org sbaik ko kpd room mate aku sndiri. Banyak gila kenangan aku dgn ko. Susah nak pick pe yg best utk diungkit. Time overnight la, lepak dgn akak ko la, lepak dgn committee, study sama2. Pe lagi eh? Haha.
      415, 99 per seribu part three : Terus-terang, aku xnah ade kwn prmpn yg serapat dgn aku smpai leh lepak together2. Ko yg pertama. Dan aku sgt hargai persahabtan kita (tengok berapa part aku tulis pasal ko ni pon da cukup). BTW, time nak hujung sem 1 tu aku gaduh dgn ko. Tatau psl pe da, aku da lupa sebab aku da buang semua memori xbest. Hehe. Pape pon, let's start a new page & create new memories from now on ye :D
    • Fuhh. Nombor 11 lak. Kuat main game! Tu aku okay lagi. Cuma aku xbiasa jumpa perempuan kuat main game mcm ko. Ngeh3. Masa mula2 kenal tu aku tatau pape psl ko. Bila da tau ko housemate dayah, rasa macam terbongkar segala. Hahaha! Sorry xdpt hangout dgn ko ke icity aritu. Elaun xmasuk lagilah. Ampun. Looking forward to another hangout in future. Gembira mengganggu hidup anda :p
    • 5828. Wei aku baru kenal ko! Rasanya aku add ko lepas aku emelkan lecture notes kat ko kan? Xnah lg lepak dgn ko. Bila nampak nanti hempuk la aku dgn batang penyapu ye. Nice to meet ya. Knowing ya more would be even better. Kawan sentiasa. Keamanan!
    • 2222. Xnk cite intro, terus masuk isi. Hehe. Aku sgt bertambah2 respect kat ko bila tau ko dapat 4 flat aritu. Tahniah2! Sem 2 ni baru nak stat rapat. Baru nak stat melepak segala bagai bermula dgn meeting2 utk dinner. Xpe lah, better late than never, ye x? Sangat kelakar. Suka makan pedas. Maher Zain! Bergossip! Tu sume trademark mahal. Haha! Kawan yg sgt baik serta rakan sekerja yg sgt gigih. Tabik spring!
    • 7777. Mula-mula kenal time farewell Eruzu. Just cam muka je lah. Pastu kalau jumpa just ckp hi2 bye2 je lah. Da sem 2 baru nak nampak belang. Seorang yg sgt amanah. Setakat ni aku xnah dgr lg dia gelapkn duit. Hehehe. Cuma aku taley nak gila gila gila dgn ko lg la. Maybe wavelength lom adjust tol2 kot? Pape pon suara ko sgt sedap! Aku tunggu nak karaoke dgn ko satu ari nanti. Hehe.
    • 1402! Pe nak ckp pasal ko ye :p Mula2 kenal tu aku macam "Oh, AJK Reach Out je". Bila da tau ko classmate member aku, terus aku rasa excited smacam. Tatau kenapa (sengal) . Best gak lepak dgn ko ye? Kalau leh nak sentiasa lepak dgn ko. Setakat ni jumpa time meeting je la. Lom nah join pape outing ngan dia lagi bersama2 committee members yg lain. Tima kasih sebab sudi join family kitorang utk organise dinner ni :)
    • No 5. Room mate Sha ye? Umm tu la maklumat yg ade tentang anda. Plus anda juga lecture mate saya. Cuma baru je jadi member. Thanx kepada group BCG. Haha. Tunggu time lecture nanti utk aku tegur ko ye :D
    • 1009.92. Hell the What? Ngek ngek ngek. Baru stat nak ngam. Padahal sem lps xde la masuk sgt pon. Huhu. Suka wat lawak DOTA ngan aku kan. Sengal. Sekarang agak kerap jumpa ko bab aku da decide nak duk belakang2 seat time lecture bab malas nak berebut. Dengar kata ko Stalker Lelaki terhebat, tapi aku xnah nampak lg ko guna ability ko tu. Ngeh3~
    • 1999.9 ni suka cari gado dgn aku! Ganas yg teramat. Xabis2. Kalau jumpa xsah kalau xbertikam mulut dgn ko kan. Rasa mcm nak cili je mulut ko tu. Bia senyap seminggu. Hehe. Tapi dalam ganas2 tu, baik gak sebenarnya. Rasa best je kwn dgn ko & member ko yg lg sorg tu. Gembira diganggu ko sejak sem 1 :)
    • 1002. Wey pedas gila ko tembak aku ye! Memang padan ngan org jawa suka makan pedas2. Aku da lama perasan ko sebab aku asyik lepak dgn member ko - ko tau2 la spe kan. Tapi xberani tego bab mcm sombong je ko time tu. Bila nampak ko time 1st meeting committee, agak terkezzzzzut gak la bab xsangka ko minat nk join sekali. Tapi bila da lama2, baru aku sedar betapa gila barbienya ko. Xnyesal kwn dgn ko :p
    • 886. You & your friend are annoying. Always tried to mess up with me. But hey, you're kind on the inside. Still remember the cookies you gave me? Thanks a lot! It's so nice of you :D BTW try to give more love at Physics okayy? :p
    • 145. Hey! Cool guy. You & Amirr are the best gay partner I've ever met till now. HAHA. Another guy whom I give "Arrogance" as my first impression. Didn't say "hi" a lot to ya during last sem. My bad. It's okay, let's make up for it this sem yah? 
    • 19. Another cool guy. It's a common sight at my campus, though. First time I saw ya when I meet up with Anne & the others. Other memories? Hurmm. Not much. Mostly just saying "hi" to each other. Well, we did plan to go to the gym together this sem, but I was the one who didn't give the commitment. Sorry!

    Sunday, January 2, 2011

    Truth Moments On Facebook.

    It's a game. Probably made in conjunction of the upcoming New Year. This is the user guide :  

    Inbox me any number between 1 and 90000 - I'll make the number as a code to write a thing that I like about you in my status. The fun thing is, only you and I know what your number is ;)

    Sounds compelling, though. I called it "The Truth Moments on Facebook". LOL. The next thing I know is boom! My Facebook's News Feed is getting flooded with statuses of my friends writing about each other with referring their friends in figures. Guess what? I'm moved to take part in the game as well. Thus I PMed my numbers to my friends' Facebook inbox (not to forget that they did the same thing to me as well). Consequently, they've written tit bits about me back on their statuses, & I've decided to keep all of them here as a token of anticipation :) :

    • 99979 . asal laa bagi aku no susa sngt nih ! HAHA . kita kenal kat fb an ? then ko tegur ak tyme kat raffle . oke , ko memang besh ! bole ajar aku phy ! yeay ! suke3 :D kawan yg ta penah kata tidak .tolong belikan ak mcd then antar kat depan kolej . then bg ak pinjam past year paper math . besh3 ! frens forever yaa ! :D
    • dear 497, aku suka kawan dgn kau :) kau byk tolong aku and ajar aku yg agak lembab nie especially physics! haha. my first impression bout u is that ure kind of sombong kot, asyik dgr lagu je sampai tak perasan org -.-" but when i get to know you, youre very the gila :D nice knowing u!
    • First One : 497. Okay since the first time we've met at raffles, I don't really know you that much but now I do. You're such a survivor and I hope you'll be stronger. If you need anything, I'm here for youu ;) Jom study sampai mati nak ? HAHA
    • ejen 007.007 , name nk stylo jek... hahaa..aku terkejot ko maen dota harituhh.. ko lah antara org yg plg aktif n aku kenal before masok puncak..u r a nice guy n hyperactive guy...our taste pon same gak ..kamen rider :D hehehe .. n seriusly dude...ko smgt nk slimm..jom maen basket :D
    • 007 perpuluhan 007. kenal kat fb..mula dekat palam selalu salah tengok ak. so bila sekali da tserempak.lepas tuh banyak2 kali terjumpa! thanks pass note for this sem!  
      boleh je nnt hangout sama sama:P happy new year and all the best!:) 
    • [007.007] Kegedikan die menyerlah bile bersame ngan aku. tapi bile ngan org laen, tibe2 jadi sangat professional. Haiz, ngan aku tak nak plak </3. Ko sangat independent dan suke tido hahah. aku bleh bwat karangan pasal ko kat sini tapi let it be secret ;]

      First Impression : Hai Homies!!! :]
      tgk2 bukan lar pulak! 
    • 007 : aku selalu je nampak muka die nie kat palam. haha. then first sekali jumpa sebab nie a first customer aku. kah3. kelaka je. walaupun kenal camtu2 je aku dapt rasa yg kau ni a nice friend :) *james bond ke?haha 
    • 007 perpuluhan 007 my twinnie whom i love like hell laaahhhh!! u always there for me.when i cry,wlaupun ur shoulders xde tp ur number sntiasa ada untuk call2 i. u always listen to all my happy and sad times. kadang2 kan,i think u have a crush on me tp naaahhh.we're twinnie for life!! hehehe. oh ya,we've never met but i can see that ur a great person and im lucky to have u in my life =) ILY afiq.
    • no 007.007 hehe..kite kenal lame dah kn..sbb ko kawan kpd kwb bek aku..kau baek tapi jgn la ckp bende2 mcm keras eh ala susah nk ckp..aku ni lembut (cehh) so nnt mcm eish, jgn lah cakap ksr2 awk :) hehe..ko baek selalu la tegur aku..wat muke suka tau lau nmpak aku..hekhek
    • 007.007 CHESS..! ak jumpe ngn ko main chess..! haha.. ak mmg xde la terer sgt main. kdg2 klo t'selisih ngn ak, srry klo x smpat tegur. ko jgn anggap ak xnk tegur, tpi kdg2 ak x prasan je tu. ak hormat sume~ ko sempoi, bleh ajak geng sembg skali. haha..
    • 007 perpuluhan 007!haha.fes2 aku tau name je .malam meeting 1st baru lah tau oooooooooooooooh ini ke orgnye.haha.then nmpak pemalu sgt tp bile dah kwn2 okay lah!sgt happening jugak sbenarnye.haha.teruja tgok kau mkn ekceli.cepat betul!haku yg mkn lmbt ni lg rase bertambah lmbt.hihi.and yeah,semoga berbahagia dgn cik adik syg jugak!hehehe XP
    • 007 point 007 :: bdk palam yg aq knl awl2 lgi. mke ko sng giler nk cam. masked rider. ha,aq bru igt! aq pnh maen chess ngn ko. b4 tu kte buat tutorial phy dlu~ cmnela aq leh telupe. hahahah. tu je kot. ko tulis simple, aq pn tules simple gak ah. :)
    • 007perpuluhan007:knl die tru fb.admin kat satu wall ni.sem 1 just tego2 gitu je.msok sem 2 lepas komiti.knl lah diri die sbnr.seronok mkn dgn die.rase mcm tercbr giler.slme ni igt aku lah mkn pling fast n cept.sekali die meng td wat 1 kalinye aku dpt lihat die mkn sgt slow n puas..haha..muke die ade iras2 pakcu seng lah nk ngam.die xsuke sos ye.!jgn bg die mkn sos.fear factor nnti!thanks dude!bff erk!
    • 007: u knw im gonna write this cuz i hav to rite. lolx.not only to u bt to evryone else too! ur like a bear.hahahaha! loves to fart,eats like tut! muahahahha! bt ur kind.especially to me! beloved roo*mie! gedik! garik! lahabau! gegau! never knew any melakarians b4. ur the 1st one.congratz! hahahahahaha! ok dh dh~ ponet! bye!
    • 007.007. haha. mamat ni byk gelagat dia. time kenal sem 1, mcm2 we went trough togather. we used to have those long talks about life. but sekarang jarang lepak heart to heart. slalu keluar beramai ramai je. :) first time kenal, sumpah lawak, kita gaduh sal sampul surat, n ukur guna pembaris! haha. JGN EMO LAGI DGN AKU KAY?
    • 007.007 ; ye aku banyak terhutang budi kat kau weh . serius . thanks ajar aku macam2 sgt . haha susah mula2 kau nak kenal aku kan , smpai deal lah . kalau aku cakap "aku la budak kat fb tu" , kau nak blnje eskrem . then aku buat ko pun tpaksa blnja kan HAHA :p
      suka kawan ngn ko , baik sgt . thanks fr everything ye weh ! :D
    • 007 perpuluhan 007(bapak giler unik no hang),,ok,,ko ni ak knal sbb adiman,,ko dtg ms gather ak last nk kuar asasi,,at 1st ko diam je kn,,snyp je,,tp,,last2 da la spatah dua kuar dari mulut ko,,ko mmg bdk baik,,kita xsmpat knl lama sbb ak dh chow dari sana,,tp,,ak hrp kita akn ttp brsahabat smpai bila2,,haha..ak msih smpan duit ko bg ak,,wat frame ag,,haha..♥ ♥
    • [007perpuluhan007] kenal kw dr kwn aq.. 1st time nmpk kw time 2 kw tgh b'peluh gler.. apehal mamat nih? kene keja dgn bapok ke ape? erm sgt2 cpt bile dipelawe mkn.. bile mkn apetah lg, na'u2 la.. gelojoh!aq baru 1suap ,dy dh nk tmbh kali ke2..knl spnuhnye time komiti.. ok la.. rajin blaja.. ade ciri2 adi putra.. genius~ nice to know u fren ! t aja aq k... :)
    • 007 perpuluhan 007 : knl die tru fb.. mse sem 1, x rpt sgt. tp klau jumpa tu angkt tgn la gak. haha.. muka dia mcm pakcu aku gak,skit jela. semakin rpt ble jd ahli comittee.. dia ni kuat mkn, laju gler dia mkn. tp dia mkn skit je kot, kene tnye dia la. hahaa.. 
    • 007 perpuluhan 007 (haha) : ermm. kenal kat palam, i dont exactly remember waktu sebenar kenal face to face haha, tiba tiba dah kenal hee :D and makin kenal kat committee lah kan, selama ni pun setakat senyum je kalau terserempak hoho. well kau mmg baik ngan semua budak palam kan haha sebut nama kau mesti semua org kenal XD
    • 007.007- first to c comittee, tp xknl pon.. time tu. but ble hang out same.. oh!! he is mcm shy2 cat.. but nice person .. sanggup teman saye bli bsn.. mmg jejaka sejati... sggup plak kau tunggu lama2.. n then, jadi rapat time audition.. he look so simple.. n kuat tido. pagi2 dah membuta..time org sibuk nak audition. haha.. but u so cool..senyuman yg diberikan sgt2 ikhlas,.. sejuk jew tgk
    • oh 007.007 : taktau nak tulis apa sebenarnya. nak describe lebih lebih takboleh, tak kenal sgt. lepak skaly tak berkesempatan lagi. setakat HAI HAI jea. hehe. but aku rasa kau baik org nye, peramah kot. ek? heehee. and satu yg pasti, RAJIN JOGING! lalala. ;)
    • 007.007; dah macam num kod ape pulak. oke aku kenal kau dekat Fcaebook. aku pun tak perasan dari mana. Then check balik kau budak asasi tempat aku rupanya. need a long time untuk cam kau sebab aku ni jenis blurr and susah cam org. kau baik, boleh diajak berborak. hehehe. Tapi kau tak garang, itik lagi garang. Sorry !
    • 007.007 : knal die dlu gne fb je~tbe2 add ak..cuak gak.kre antara kwn laki y 1st knl kt palam ni..xley bla la..ske perasan nk jd taylor lautner..haha..gurau je~jgn amek ati sgt..die slalu ajk study sme sem la gak kte study sme2 kn??tengs jd mntor phy ak!! ko baek la nk kte lbey2.t kembang ssh plak kn...pape pn ak hrp kte KAWAN SMPAI BLE2 k???
    • 007.007 ??? hmm... nko mmg rajin wak2 ak tgk ko nye tutorial physics first2.... semua siap pastu kemas lak tu... ak igt psycho gile dak ni... hehe... rupe2 nye ok je... normal la... sbnrnye ak yg x siap keje... hehe... pastu ko mmg sng la kalo nkmintak tlgsuruh buat ape2 pon... baik je... haha... pastu kalo tyme lab ko je yg buat keje... sbb ak mcm x minat sgt... ak suka tulis je... tpmmg bes la kwn ngan ko...

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