Monday, November 18, 2013

It's A Combo!

It may have been too late 
for me to realize this 
then again they say 
"Better late than never" 
So I decided to point it out here 
directly & blatantly 
in this new insight I gained 
about the very academic years 
I've been indulging into in present 
so as to share it with you guys 
and to remind myself in equivalent 
for nobody's actually cared to read this blog 
except me, the very owner. Sobs. 
*forever alone statement, thou shall ignore that* 

*takes breath* 
Alright then 
First thing first 
I'm not sure what about the others 
but I lived up my high school years 
and probably my primary school days 
with the mindset that 
"If you understand the particular lesson well 
you shall recall it properly." 
Of course, I am not belittling the strenuous exercises 
and homework that's taxing up those times back then 
but I'm highlighting that 
I'm good at it during those times 
by simply understanding it. 
Not to brag, but to be grateful. 

Then again 
I must say 
the same trick's not working 
not in my higher education 
didn't notice it that much during foundation studies 
probably since the lessons were pretty much similar to the high school's 
the effect's felt deeply 
during degree studies, that is 
I knew the gap has widen 
by hook or by crook 
and it seems like I'm barely capable 
of doing a proper revamp 
till this moment.
I realized something 
that is 
"Practice, practice, practice" 

It is all but important equally 
as much as understanding them contents 
why is it so? 
For in higher education 
It's not all about theory 
and not all about practical 
It requires coordination of both 
to be considered as "good" 
in that specified field you're into. 
You must understand them lessons 
and also have a proper knowledge 
of an appropriate place 
that knowledge shall be put into use. 
To be good at the latter 
adequate practice is crucial. 

Let's put an analogy or two. 
In a similar case 
You can't never be good in playing music 
if you simply understand the concepts 
You shall need to try playing it with your own, would you? 
Not my pic.
whilst enhancing your language proficiency 
let it be English, Spanish, Malay, French, whatsoever 
You can't never be good at it 
if you understand the theory merely 
You'll have to pronounce each and every freaking word 
sentence, statement 
and have a partner to converse with 
isn't that a form of practice? 

with this newly found 
or rediscovered 
let's see how far it would take me. 
Improvisations. Betterment. 
Anticipating lots of'em to come over 
and knock my damn door. 
God willing. 
Till then. 
Sorry for not updating. 
I'm still consistent on making it a success 
of my quest tho. 

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