Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to Japanese Songs.

Not my picture. BTW I'm currently listening to them
and them too!
  1. When I listened to Fera's playlist of songs this morning, I realised that I had not listened or paid much attention of any English songs for probably two weeks.
  2. It's not like I didn't listen to any. I did. But I wasn't listening to it with the same norm. As an example, when Taylor Swift came out with the latest single whatsoever (I don't really like listening to the full album, it is preferable to only listen to the single), it is a usual thing for me to be carried away by the song. Then I'll search for the lyrics & go through it. Sometimes it looks like I studied the lyrics more than I studied Physics. Pfft. However, during this passing days, the routine seemed to have been left out even though there were a few interesting songs came out on the air during these few days.
  3. Probably it's because I was getting myself busy updating my Japanese songs' playlist. It has been a long time since I listened to fresh Japanese songs. For centuries, perhaps? =.=''
  4. I love Japanese songs like really much. I'm into it since high school. Thanks to those animes & tokusatsus. Plus, their music really is captivating & their lyrics...boy, it's da bomb! I hardly get myself bored upon listening it a zillion times. 
  5. However, I've stopped watching my favourite anime since I entered this foundation programme. Thus, I kept my Japanese songs there without updating it. Not until I went hanging out with Faizran, Fikri Syafiq, Fera Jas etc etc at Rafflesia during the weekends before CNY holidays. Yes, during that time, I went through the whole day listening to those songs from L'Arc-En-Ciel. Guess what? I had grown fond towards them.
  6. What's more, I did a research about them. More details about them here. 
  7. I even downloaded two full albums of them which is unusual for me because I really don't like downloading the full album, though. They're magnificent! As for me, so far.  
  8. Not to forget that I took a few songs from UVERworld band. Credits to MIA. I also discovered a radio station that focused only on Japanese songs here. Hence, I can say that my sickness of not listening to the latest Japanese songs for such a long time has been cured, in present.
  9. Okay, probably I can start looking for English songs, again? 
P/S: This right hand still hurts from bowling. Ouch!


  1. awww. poor right hand. hahaha

  2. hehe..afiq lagu jawa pasni..haha

  3. uverworld aku knal se lagu je. kanashimi wa kitto. cam base klate je. haha.

  4. haha yeke? aku tade lgu tu. nak boley? :D


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