Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maybe You Don't Realise that You're Holding the Key to My Heart.

Boy: I love you.
Girl: . . .
Boy: *taking out something from his heart* Here's the key to my heart. Keep it safely.
Girl: *takes the key*
Boy: Can you entrust me yours?
Girl: For a beetle of your kind, there are plenty of beautiful flowers out there waiting. *runs away*
Boy: Hey!

The boy runs after the girl to chase her, but he fails. 
With his key of heart in the girl's hands,
he's powerless enough to do anything to her
and the girl runs as far as she could from the boy
till she vanishes from the boy's vision
never to be heard again.

Feeling so weak
the boy attempts to find ways to unlock his heart back
He asks a locksmith to break the lock for him
but it fails.
"To break the lock is to end your life," 
says the locksmith to the boy.

The boy's in grief.
He asks another locksmith for help
and it fails too
Same goes to hundreds of others whom trying

In the same time
He did ask the first locksmith to make several other keys 
similar to the original one
but the fake will never surpasses the original
and when the fake key is entrusted to the other girl
so that the other girl could unlock his heart
it failed
The boy is hurt even more
so do the other girl
and yet the same happens to other girls as well
they hate the boy more than ever
and chased him away

Crawling in pain
the boy keeps on moving
trying again & again
He doesn't care
what others might think
He doesn't even care
if the whole world hates him

because deep inside him
he's really wanting the girl who runs away
would come out again someday
with the original key
to unlock his heart
once again.

It's his only wish.
"After all these while
I'm certain there's no other girl but her. 
One day, she will return
dressing in blue
with the key.
When the time comes
I'm sure she'll entrust me 
her key to her heart
and I'll propose her to marriage.
That's the whole point that makes my survival worth it,"

Till then, hopefully the boy's wish comes true.

P/S: Apalah mamat ni, selfish gila kan? BTW, pics being used are not mine.

Nota kaki --> Terpulang kepada yg membaca untuk merasakan sama ada ini mengarut atau tidak XD


  1. nicely written! bravo :D
    you came up with this all by yourself?

  2. dini: alhamdulillah, the idea came from this nutty brain of mine >.<
    lily: thanks. it's a love story (i may say) from a man's side. lol

  3. wahhh.. hebat la kamu...
    semat gila entry yg ni..
    excited baca, 3kali suda sy baca...


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