Monday, July 4, 2011

Love, is an Art.

I think that
love, is an art
of taking care of the most delicate of hearts
and the most fragile of feelings
of being tolerate with each other
of accepting each other as one self
of planning ahead, that's the plan to live together
of maintaining a good relationship for years to come
of togetherness
of the dependence of one upon another

Yes, I'm going to narrow down the scope 
into love between a man & a woman
although it may apparently typical
but, as typical as it looks
still, there are plenty of people out there
who failed to understand the concept
High rate of divorce
Not to forget high rate of anak luar nikah being born
Marriage issues such as physical & mental abuse, 
failed parenting, financial problems
as well as out-of-marriage issues such as coupling, 
getting engaged, having sex before getting married
All these made me uncertain 
of what is their definition of "a man & a woman" love
but undoubtedly
such issues are possible to be avoided
or to be improved for good
if one is to give it all out
when he or she is really head over heels in love
well, it applies to the couples 
who are far from getting married as well
yeah, if you can give it all out in a friendship
why don't you do the same when you're in a relationship
am I right?
The least thing is
if you're not meant to be together
you won't feel that regretful 
moaning around saying
" Ohhh I didn't do my best when we're in a relationship.
Imma bad partner wuwuwu *crying effect* "
should you engage in a relationship
WITHOUT sacrificing any of your precious assets
especially when you're yet to be married
Remember, we DO have boundaries. 
It's not like we don't have Him watching us in every step that we take, every time.
It all depends on your own 
to be creative to cherish the relationship
without being off the limits

Then again, falling in love too
is an art
hey, falling in love is quite subjective 
to be expressed literally okay?
One may fall for good qualities in another
One may fall for the looks
or even the heredity 
One may even fall for the wealth possessed by another
hurmm it may seemed materialistic
but who cares? 
As long as it is solid enough to be justified as a reason.
It could be anybody
as long as the person we're in love with
is able to help us expand & improve ourselves
as a human in person
What? Don't make that weird face.
That's the main reason you're falling in love, isn't it?
To find that motivation & courage 
for you to be able to increase your abilities
and boosting your life, perhaps?
hey, that explains why a woman is more beautiful
and why one is more spirited when he / she
is engaged in a good relationship
when one is getting divorced
he / she will tend to find that self-expansion him / herself
and being able to survive only on his / her own
eventually will lead him / her to feel that
he / she doesn't need to love or to be in a relationship
with a person of different sex.
Probably you may want to read here for more details

I'll end this with a video of a song I'm currently listening to.
It's dedicated to someone I'm officially in love with
as a message that I'll wait for her
as long as I have that strength to stand
maybe you can guess it based on my posts before this. 
It's even better if she's reading this :)

Until then,
from a point of view of an immature freak.
Oh, that's not me, anyways. Heheh.


  1. wahhh superb! falling in love ke? hahah

  2. well.. love is abstract. that's very well written mr afiq. (kenapa aku skema sgt niii? ) hahahaha

  3. haha. lovey-dovey writing eh ? :P

    well then.awesome writing :)

  4. sya: mana adeeeeeeeee XD
    faten: yup. ini pendapat saya seperti yg dijelaskan di atas. huhu


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