Saturday, January 28, 2012

Conclusion for the Semester.

Seriously, it has been quite some time.
It's just  
I'm focusing on the finals
and then the holiday 
is about to come
thus I had to adjust accordingly
hence, my time's taken again.

Look at my schedule few days
before & after 
the last paper at 18th of January:

15th of January, night 
going for steamboat
kinda reminds me of Seoul Garden, though
(not Secret Garden, peeps. Sorry~)

16th of January, night
going for chicken chop
you see? Belum pape lagi dah merdeka ==''

17th of January, whole day(perhaps) especially at night 
final sprint

18th of January, night after the paper 
going for makan besar
at the same place we go for chicken chop

19th of January, evening 
pi Padang Besaq - siap melawat
keluarga angkat Syed lagi. Keluarga yg lain 
tak dapat dikunjungi. Saya sedih T_T
Sorry, no pics uploaded. 
Sekadar dalam kenangan semua yg terlibat :')

So, to conclude it.
This first semester's the bomb actually
As the semester approaches its end
I can accept myself being here 
I'm more alert of everyone's presence
and how each of them makes my day
and how probably I make theirs
especially my comrades, subordinates, underlings XD
back at BEE.
Yeah, there are some unusual freaks, 
to be frank
but I guess
it's all back to acceptance
if they can accept me for being a part of their life
why can't I?
yet, I do hope for a slight better change
as I'm too changing with respect to time, FYI
then again, let's just see
what'll happen in the upcoming semesters.
Just pray that I've enough tolerance & patience
so do they :)

Then again 
this sem brings quite some meaning
if not a lot
the Mechatronics Hari Raya dinner performance

the dinner at Kuala Perlis

the Baktisiswa at Kampung Titi Tinggi Ulu

the BBQ at Bukit Ayer

those evening walks at the paddy field

those birthday party bashes

those times going for lunch 
and EVEN dinner together

those times studying together

those times at classes

those gossips, pranks

those outings

those times emceeing

all those times, it IS unforgettable, insyaAllah.
Too much bonding this semester, if I've yet to notice.
I'm starting to appreciate all of you guys.
But still, I need to keep a distance
because being too close hurts.
I've been alive to experience such pain :/
or maybe you guys can change that?
Again, we'll see.

Don't want to think of the results.
Don't want to hope much
because I'm afraid those hopes 
will let me down somehow
I don't think I'm even studying this sem. Duhh.
are the results even released? >.<
Jangan teruk results aku dah lah. 
Habis aku nanti. :X

Well then
you guys
thanks for the memories
foundy's life's still strongly attached
in this head
but being with you guys
are starting to feel like a family.
Thank you again.
It has been quite a semester
and it's a pleasure to sail the ship
with all of you as the crew pirates. Heheh.
Do remember,
next semester's gonna be tough!
With Anatomy & Physiology as the main killer
not to forget Analogue Electronics
Digital Electronic Principles
lots of 2 credit hour subjects too
plus it's the best time 
to further strengthen
our base at the campus!
I'm anticipating more 
loads of blast, and drama and things
in the next semester.
Can barely wait 
to work with all of you again 
by then.

With this, I'll stop here.

With pleasure,
Muhammad Afiq bin Che Man
Proud Class Captain
and mere student of
Biomedical Electronics Engineering
Perlis Malaysia University (UniMAP)
Session of 2011-2015.

Okay, sebenarnya depa salah tulis ni. 
It should've been written as Tahun 1 (2011/2012)

P/S: Silap silap aku yg jadi Drama King 
next sem nanti. ZZZ


  1. look soooo much fun! glad that u've already adapted there.

    great ! :')

  2. thanks :') you guys are still the best weh! ^^

  3. "Admittedly,
    foundy's life's still strongly attached
    in this head
    but being with you guys
    are starting to feel like a family."

    May Allah bless all the friendship you created afiq! thanks for being my friend! and aku bangga kau update entry ni sebab dapat inspirasi dari aku XD

    btw 5 years eh kau kat unimap ni? GOODLUCK GOODLUCK! :D

  4. it's four years, baby.
    ur wc. i'm just doing my very best to be a better friend :)
    doakan aku tak leka & lupa tujuan asal aku kat sini, ecah.
    kau pon good luck gak. ade rezeki kita jumpa lagi! :D


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