Friday, August 5, 2011

Please, Do Assure Me.

Do you think only girls need to be assured
when it comes to relationship (s)?
Okay the term "relationship" here
is used generally
so it doesn't count whether one is married or not.

referring to the question just now
The answer should be
"Hell no."
Guys need it too.
Probably girls need to be assured
so that they'll be able to differentiate
between a guy & a jerk
It's the same case for guys as well
We need to be assured 
so that we are able to categorize 
a girl & a bitch

The significance of doing so is undeniable
especially when one is getting serious
in a relationship.
Yeah, who wants to play around in a relationship, anyway
Oh, exceptions for jerks & bitches
For couples that are yet to get married
the seriousness is essential
so that both can commit to 
setting up a marriage together
yeah, you know that, it's general though.

Even in marriage
Although it may seem to be serious all the time
Muka nak tension je. Cubalah senyum sikit XD
In fact, eventually
there's a time where both husband & wife
will start getting serious in living a life together
and it depends on the couple themselves
on when they should start doing so
It could be as early as after the honeymoon ends
or as late as the lovey-dovey feeling's not there any more
Hurmm, hopefully the lovey-dovey feeling 
will stay till the end
but in reality, most of the feeling will vanish by itself
when life's attempting to bite harder than before
and no efforts being done to replenish the love. 
Okay we're being derailed here, sorry XD

Back to the topic, 
girls are assured with guys
if guys are serious enough to make a plan
future plan of what'll happen
with the relationship
(it's quite clear though ---> MARRIAGE
for married couples)
to give effort to achieve it
is highly regarded
not considering them as "just another option"
Yeah, guys are hunters,
the ferocious of predators, I must say
with the ability to seek & to choose
instead of waiting (for the girls, please don't be offended.
Hey, even girls nowadays seek & choose their own mate.
Dontcha ever heard of "perigi cari timba" huh? =.=)
they've a wider range of "choosing what's best"
if they intend to manipulate the ability abusively
yet then, I do agree
that guys tend to keep on searching
what's right for them
and they won't stop till they've found the right one.
why don't they stop looking around for awhile
and learn to appreciate whatever they've obtained?
"Kau dah penat penat tackle awek tu
last last kau tinggalkan dia. Tak baik lah macam tu bro"
Think this hard before you start looking for others, willya?

For the guys 
yes, guys too
are assured
when girls are hand-in-hand
helping them to walk the plan
instead of just talking about it
and leaving the burden to the guy alone.
the responsibility's more on the guys
but wouldn't it be delightful than ever
to see our beloved ones to lend a hand
& joined forces?
Surely it would.
Unless the guy's being "gentleman" enough
to take everything for himself
which is somehow rather
violates the early concept of 
that stresses mutualism & teamwork
from both parties.
Agreed enough? :)
not considering the guy as "just some other choice"
too is crucial okay?
With the ability to choose whoever suits
to be the mate,
girls turned out to be unpredictable
and highly dangerous
because in any time possible
Miss C could just dump Mr A away
and choose Mr B instead 
probably for Mr B's look or wealth or whatsoever
offered by Mr B 
as a bait from a predator to its prey
without even considering Mr A
who probably turned out to be the good guy.
Okay. Do note that this is just an example. 

Try to make your own girl / guy feels assured.
At least, he or she wouldn't feel
of engaging in a relationship with you
Probably that's it. Assalamualaikum.
-Just another point of view-

P/S: I need to be assured too T.T Waiting for years doesn't seem to worth it if you're not giving your word. Sobs


  1. uhuk3. coughing hard. perigi cari timbaa?? does having a crush includes in perigi cari timba? ;p

  2. i've been here before. found myself being down and all because i need assurance, i need a sign, i need to be convinced that he's worth my time.

    doa is your best hope now.

    in the end, aku settlekan masalah aku dengan yakinkan diri.. kalau dia dah bagi assurance ke, dah buat macam2 nak convince aku, dah cabut jantung dia then bagi kat aku sekali pun, tp kalau Allah cakap takde jodoh tetap takde jodoh jugak. heheheh.

    just sayin! :D it worked for me, i hope this will at least help you in some way.

  3. tira azhar: noooo. that's normal lah :DD
    dini: betol gak kan. but then, kau decided nak move on ke hapeh? atau still stay menunggu? :/

  4. well... i still have feelings for him sekarang ni. so, i stayed lah kot. haha

    but in a happier way, sbb kurang mengharap sikit :)

  5. thought so. thanks! am doin the same right now. hopefully in years, it'll work :)) although we've to wait to know if it really does ==''


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