Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Experience + History

Assalamualaikum. Suddenly those memories of being an adolescent came back into mind. Back then, making mistakes over & over again was fun. Almost everybody enjoyed it (Everybody here is referred to those friends back in teenage years). Hurmm, supposedly that's how everything turned out when you don't learn from history, though. Well, this one is taken by George Santayana. As he said that "Those who don't learn from history will be condemned to repeat it." Yeah, who is he? Okay this post is not about him anyways. Please refer here. 

To tell about it, experience is also another form of history. They say that experience is the best teacher. So do history, isn't it? Because from both, you'll eventually learn how to progress in life. From both, you'll learn the dos & don'ts in life. From both, you'll know what you should do if the same situation is going to happen again in future. By having a series of break ups in the past, for instance, will lead you to be better player when you're into a relationship again in future, isn't it? It's just an example, anyhow ==

Who you are in the past may affect who you are now. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that in order for you to create a better you in future, it is a must for you to refer back to your past. Take it as a no & you'll condemn into repeating the mistakes all over again. Hey this is redundant :/ Yet, there's nothing to be shamed off if there are bad things going on in the past. Because it's all over & we're in the present. Everybody's making mistakes, though. Thus, no matter how hard is the past, you shouldn't deny it. Instead, it's appropriate to acknowledge & learn from it so that such errors can be prevented from happening again. 

Because there's always some hope for a better future.

These experience & history thingy made me reminded of me breaking promise with Fikri Syafiq to go for the food test & me breaking promise with Adilah to attend her brother's wedding. Seems like I can't afford to break anymore promises, thus I'm making it to Kuala Lumpur shortly. Sorry Melaka. Iqbal Arieff, here's an advance "Thank you" token for offering the accomodation anyways :]

Not much of an idea. Guess this is all. Assalamualaikum.
(P/S : I may have bad stories in the past, but it IS in the past. I am who I am in present - a single guy who's evolving all the time. And I will continue improving for a better me in future. God willing. Okay enough with the crap. Congrats to my sister anyways. Again, I'm proud of you.)


  1. kite pon ada kisah lama. semua orang ada kisah lama afiq. yang penting bukan semalam. tapi, sape kita hari ini :)

  2. hurmm, nak like leh? haha. tp kan, klu nk fikir balik, klu nk kata xpnting tu, kdg kdg kisah lama tu jugak yg jd mcm lintah - terus menyedut darah masa - hingga kita tidak brmaya utk mara ke masa depan.

  3. semua org ade kisah silam afiq,,me too. and absolutely,it will affect u to become who are u now. let bygone be bygone and kite prlu memandang sdkit ke masa silam supaya kite xmengulangi kesilapan y sama seperti y pernah kite lakukan di masa tersebut.but focus more on ur future =))

  4. that's my point. oh, harap-harap la da makin dewasa ni, kesalahan2 bodoh time muda2 dlu leh dikurangkan. cehh. mcm da tua sgt pulak :D


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