Monday, October 29, 2012

#ToMyFutureSon - What? I'm Not Married Yet.

So when I was going online 
-a routine I do  whenever the holidays are around- 
a while ago 
Twitter's having this as a trend. 


There are also 
but seems like the first one's more mainstream. 
Thumbs up to the sons out there. (Y) 
-Okay what's the motive anyway- 

As I scrolled my way through the tweets, 
I realized that 
my walk of life 
will sooner or later 
be just like this: 

Preparing for the upcoming sons & daughters
Preparing for Him

Preparing for the bringing up of sons & daughters
Preparing for Him

Preparing for the sons & daughters reaching adulthood
Preparing for Him
Preparing for the sons’ & daughters’ marriage & upcoming of their sons & daughters (grandchildren)
Preparing for Him

and the list goes on...

Need not I am to stress the details. 
Yet, in general, it sure looks boring though 
even so, ironically 
this cycle has indirectly goes 
for uncountable times 
in the history of humanity. 
Admit it. 
Then again, it comes into my mind. 
"If you're doing something, 
make sure it's worth 
the time and effort done. 
If you're to bring up a human being, 
make sure the child grows up 
and be a great one." 
"You don't raise humans by words. 
You raise them by actions 
that make them think 
and eventually make them reach their hands 
to the world." 
"Don't feed your child 
with meaningless talks 
and corrupted wealth 
that makes their vision goes blurry. 
Give them words, 
give them wisdom. 
Make them think, 
let them work for it." 
All those ages spent 
are not going to be wasted 
on bringing up humans 
that aren't human enough. 
Not without His permission. 

Okay, I do sound like a philosopher now. 
Let's continue watching movies 
and going online 
and doing assignments...what? 

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