Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adding Spices.

I'm in the middle
of my sem holidays.
Seriously, it's boring.
Bosan yg amat, ya Allah
Holidays without work
are absolutely a bummer.
tapi siapa nak bagi kerja
kat orang yg cuti sem sebulan jek?
Like yeah.
I've been wandering here & there
scouting for jobs
yet I failed.
so here am I
writing this post
not to forget penniless too.
Serves you right.
Who told you to finish off
all your money
back at UniMAP?
Yea right.
It's not like me being all at fault.
Situation calls for money to be used
so I had to use it
Can't be helped, right?
Okay sorry I'm talking to myself.
No I'm not that insane.
I'm just super-bored.

To make the situation
even more severe
my phone's being silent
most of the time.
BOTH of my phones,
to be exact.
Nobody contacted me,
neither I made an effort
to contact anybody
at a vigorous routine
means that it's not like
I haven't contacted anybody
But the frequency seems to have
exhibit a critical fall
really critical fall, I must say.
Even not much of my friends 
are available at Facebook
at the moment
sometimes they appear to be available
yet the fact is,
they're away from the keyboard.
Humph -,-
Yeah, I don't blame them
Probably they're enjoying their holidays, I guess
making full use of the spare time at home
or even going out to cheer themselves up
plus the fact that Facebook's getting boring
and I've not been using Facebook as I used to
So I try to be considerate
 not bugging them too much
seems like the best way to do so


in the midst of boredom
I figured out a few things
in order to put up more spice
during the next sem
in UniMAP, of course
Where would you think I am, anyway?

Here are the main points:
#going back UniMAP ASAP
yeah, doing nothing at home
except keep on eating
going online
and play games for nothing
is really futile.
At the very least, if I can make it early thr
I can meet up with others
who're going back early as well.
Just by being at UniMAP
will make it easier for me
to prep up.
Let's just hope.
Yet I don't want to go back much earlier
a week in advance is still, acceptable.
#again, putting that regime of diet long not monitored
I'm quite abandoning it
as the last sem approaches its end
so I'm going to start it all over again
this time with a tighter condition
of not going to eat rice
but that'll be for the first two months, I guess
depending on the situation
#preparing early. Anat & Physio seems tough!
looking at the early lecture notes
I've uploaded
it terrifies me that I may drop greatly
if I fail to realise
the importance of making early reinforcements.
#putting more commitment into other things
I've been committing myself to the class
last semester.
Now I guess it's time to try new things
without putting the old ones aside
I've my name on the Debate Club,
Recreational Club (not sure abt the name),
and I think it's worthless
if I don't contribute something
to the organisation.
Besides, I'm trying for
getting into 
Students' Representative Council
as well as 
the state's Rover Scouts.
But it's just a mere planning, anyway.
Still looking out for chances, though.
#continuing to sail the ship
Seems like I have to do it, anyway
To keep delivering
those infos abt lectures, notes,
quizzes etc etc to those crew pirates
Other plans for the class?
Let's just keep them for now. Heheh.

Well, seems like that's it
I guess
this is my new sem resolution, after all :D
Admittedly, time
is going to be my main rival
in the upcoming sem.
Looking upon the case 
of me is really bored here at home
I might wanna execute some plans
earlier than scheduled.
Will be adding more
from time to time
considering the above plans to be
in full success, for sure
Pray that they are,
for it'll be a disaster
if they don't :(
We'll see.
To whom may care,
I beg your courtesy.
do remind me
if I'm off my track.
Thanks a bunch in advance :)


  1. forever alone ?

    stop using it or else u'll really become one, i'm afraid. goodluck btw, diets n study. :)

    p/s: i've a meal plannings for the diet thingy. if you want. :D

  2. no i don't! u know it's just a joke, though.
    plus i did pray for it (getting married thingy) -.-
    sure! do pass it to me then :)

  3. hihi. tau pun.
    okey. when i'll finish it, i'll send it to your mail. err, but i don't remember ur address. :p


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