Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How am I Going to Study Like This?

It's not easy 
to study sincerely.
It's not easy 
to tune back 
your intentions of studying.

Can't be helped.
In most cases
one's forced to study
because of the lecturer.

Wait a sec.
Since when the lecturer's being pushy?
There is.
when the lecturer's giving assignments
to be completed in a certain time.
Things get worse
when the deadline's
too short ==''

Not to forget
one's also forced to study
when the exams
etc etc
are around the corner

that's when
the pressure comes
for you to scout
each & every word in the books
and read the notes thoroughly
and forcefully (somehow)
with that motive
of finishing the assignment
or preparing for that question papers
or else
you won't get the marks
and your GPA will be 
as bad as hell.

When one's forced to study
how could the studying
would be sincere?
How am I going to be like
Ranchodas Shamaldas Chanchad?
"Pursue excellence,
and success will follow,
pants down."
Probably the only thing
I could do now
is putting my pants down.
I'm good at that @_@

Need to seek that joy of learning
all over again.
Get back on track, man.
It has already been a month.
3 years & 44 weeks to go for graduation!

P/S: AutoCAD T.T

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