Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Minggu Ke-4 & Masih Bertatih.

It's going to reach a month!
Too busy to notice that. 

(Iyelah sangat)
Although it has only been 
four weeks 
since the semester has set sail 
I can say things are just starting 
to heat up here, actually 
quite a handful of events  
have occurred too 
the ones that are worth 
to be noted. 
Thus, during this free time I hardly get 
(Really? Is it so? =.='')
I would love to summarize 
some of the events  
if not all  
as far as dating back 
to my last post.

I went to the Royal Debate as planned.
Turned out to be that 

I was appointed as one of debaters.
The second debater, to be precise
It was full of anxiety 

in the first place 
but things were going good 
During the total of
four rounds of pre-lims
we won against UMS & UMK
(the themes are economy & flora & fauna)
lost at UM & UniMAS
(that's for society & science & tech) 

Eventually I learnt that 
college debating are far even wide
the experience, the exposure's totally good
not to forget the speedy internet, too
and the awkward moment 

of settling together 
with the IIUM top debaters
seriously, it made me felt small.
Like, really small
okay ignore that
another awesome fact is 

the food's cheap too!
then again I've to admit it
I love Wang Ulu even more
compared to the residential colleges
I've been settling during the tournament.
Hujan emas di negeri orang

hujan batu di negeri sendiri
baik lagi di negeri sendiri

Okay that's one.
Two, I'm participating 

in the brass band 
straight away after I finished 
the debate tourney
till now :O
Joined at the first place 
because there are plenty 
of my classmates taking part too. 
Can't believe I'm still here :)
Well, the environment's good though. 

I don't feel that awkward 
since my classmates are around as well 
even most of the members 
are the first year students too. 
Yeah, we're the prototype batch!

Hopefully our presence 
can give impact 
not to forget solid foundation 
for the years to come. 
Currently I'm playing quad toms 
got transferred from bass drums 
due to the vacancy left 
by the previous quad toms player. =/

Lebih kurang macam ni lah rupa dia. Tapi aku punya kaler hitam + ade satu lagi  dram lebih kat dalam tu. 

Three, the studies. 
they're getting tougher 
and they're making me crazier
than before :O  

Then again
mana ada benda yg senang kan 
It's just the matter of 
time management though. 
Well, it's easier said than done 
Even till now
I'm still struggling to look upon 
for the best tempo 
to match up with things 
To add up the spice  
the lecturers are twice as tougher 
Consequently, I'm brought 
to have this thought 
that we'll be killed 
by the lecturer 
instead of the subject itself. ==''
and the fact is 
I've been wasting 
my third week here 
because of me failing to 
cope up fast 
with the chain of events 
hitting the atmosphere recently.  
Care to help? 
Hurmm, never mind. 
(Okay what's with that)

Sometimes, nobody can help you but yourself.

*looking at the watch*
Oh, time flies. 

I think it's better for me 
to get back on the run 
before I get myself derailed - AGAIN. 
There's a lot more to go, matey. 
Take care, me. 

P/S: Hopefully most of my friends 
are doing well over there, 
if not all. :D

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