Sunday, November 25, 2012

Operation Fallen Finale.

A month more. 
Time's so precious now. 
Much to pick up. 
It seems so critical. 
I'm forced to decide. 
For whatever it takes, 
I'm going to endure it. 
I don't care. 
As long as it is nailed properly... 
I just don't want anything else to drop... 
except my weight. *eh*

Yeah whatever. Not my pic anyway.

With the hope 
that the force would come to us side. 
Operation Fallen Finale, commence. 
Nama nak gempak je kan  
All the best to the other fighters 
out there as well. 
Doakan kejayaan bersama :') 

P/S: They say, it's best to study for His sake. 
Then again, shouldn't it be 
an excellent servant is needed to excel 
Never mind. 
Seeya after this semester's finale~~ 

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