Monday, December 24, 2012

Library, Knowledge & Pressure.

It's supposed to be 
the third day of the study week 
here in Perth-lis. 
-Kelas kau nama Perth-lis okay- 
So we went to the library this morning 
and stayed up till this eve  
since I've cancelled le appointment 
with le lecturer 
and that's my personal story as of today. 
Sesungguhnya saya berbesar hati
nak mengabadikan gambar sahabat saya
yg bernama Mohd Faiz bin Azmi ni di sini.
Jadi Faiz, sila terharu. Okbai

Moving on to my next point. 
Assuming everyone's having 
the insights of pressure 
at the tip of their fingers 
So, we learnt, at least from high school 
for a diffusion to occur 
from A to B 
the atmospheric pressure in B 
shall be lowered, so that 
with the higher atmospheric pressure of A 
the diffusion process is enabled~ 
Correct me if I'm wrong. 

Similarly, in the respiration process 
when someone is to inhale some air 
he/she needs to tone down 
the internal pressure 
by the contraction of diaphragm, 
relaxation of internal intercostal muscles, 
increase in volume of thorax, blablabla.. 
so that the particles of oxygen 
(not to forget whatever that comes together with them) 
are able to transfer 
to the insides of the body 
and vice versa for the exhalation stage. 
Again, correct me if I'm wrong. 

Afiq, what are you trying to imply here? 
Alright, let's take it this way. 
Let this particle 
with the name of "knowledge" 
in which, most of us, 
are desperately trying to grasp 
during this period 
commonly coined as "study week"
Betya know this particle goddamn well 
at these times, huh? 
Okay, so I believe most of us 
are trying to grasp this "knowledge" particle 
as much as we can at this time. (redundant) 

Applying the concept of pressure here, 
don't we agree that 
for these particles to diffuse into us easier, 
we, at the same time, need to 
"lower down" OUR pressure? 
Obviously, these "knowledge" particles 
are so packed with "knowledge" atoms, 
they don't go low in pressure by themselves. 
Well, why should they? 
Are we the ones 
that should diffuse 
into the knowledge instead? 
You got me? Okay ignore it. 

With that, it's up to us, the students 
to execute the acts 
of "lowering down" the pressure 
being modest and humble 
noticing that we're not good (perfect) 
and we'll never be one 
being passionate towards the knowledge 
realizing that it's the matter 
of getting to know the knowledge better 
rather than merely consuming it 
like some sleeping pills 
Tak kenal maka tak cinta kan 
accepting that there are lots of 
interesting stuff to learn 
that'll open up our eyes 
about the life we're living in 
and et cetera et cetera et cetera.  
 After all, 
all the knowledge is not ours, 
to begin with. :) 

That wraps it up. 
I guess by now, 
it's either you're getting the message 
or trying to chunk the message. 
Maybe, or maybe not. 
Nevertheless, I'll excuse myself. 
Till then. 
Let's aim high! ^^


  1. haha macam baca buku nota physic je. btw, i'm your 100th follower..

  2. lol because i'm taking some concepts from thr. why, thank you :)

  3. Senpai faiz dah macam promoter nota. ahaks. btw. awesome post le. i wish i could like. or retweet. mueheheh

  4. eleh. you can always do that tho -.-''


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