Friday, April 19, 2013

Different Routes to the Same Destination.

A fight remains a fight. 
An interest remains an interest. 
A taste remains a taste. 
Different branches of the same tree. 
Humans, similarly. 

Not my pic.

Our fight may be the same 
as we're but the fellow servants 
but our tastes may be different. 
Kau minat indie tapi aku minat jazz. 
Kau suka maggi dan aku suka maccaroni. 

You can say the worlds are in parallel. 
Your world, mine, other homo sapiens 
Different backgrounds, thus 
different upbringing 
and different principles 
different ways of doing things too. 

You may find my way 
unorthodox or non-conservative  
But don't feel awkward 
or spending a second of getting worried. 
If the worlds are colliding 
then we're almost sure 
to be on the same side 
and going for the same destination.
Kami no Tengoku.  
Why the anxiety then? ^^

Our worlds may collide now 
but sooner or later 
we may carry our own paths. 
That's the norm. 
By that time, 
if you think that I'm but a nuisance 
you can even take me 
as not being existent in the first place 
if you want to. Heh.

Well, on the other hand 
you may find that I'm hard to forget. Duhh. 
If so, then remember this: 
Probably the routes 
are going to be different & unique 
but as long as the destination is the same 
I'm sure 
we'll meet at the finishing line again. 
Someday. :')

P/S: As long as the interest is in line with Him, 
then there shouldn't be anything wrong with it. Hew. 

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