Sunday, January 20, 2013

Semester Three's Wrap-up.

Yeah, I know. The title doesn't really make sense.. 
at least, in my case 
because my Semester Three has ended.. 
like a week ago. 
But, it's due to time constraint (konon
(read it out loud)  
made me posted this 
only by today. :/
Yet, never mind. 
It's not a wrong thing anyway. 
Let's just continue. 

Okay, so... 
Semester Three's cool. 
Much more organized 
than the previous semesters, I believe 
Cutting down some commitments. 
Slightly more resources made things gone slightly easier 
Allocating SLIGHTLY more time 
to the main business. I guess. 
Tapi carry mark teruk gak. 
Final aritu pun takdelah mantap mana :S 
Yeah, the studies are getting tougher 
Biasalah, makin lama makin susahlah kan -,-'' 
The curriculum, 
remains as the main issue 
and it gets even bigger than before, I presume. 
I found that braining Signals and Systems 
isn't that simple. 
Same goes to Analogue Electronics II, 
spiced with op-amps and their relatives. 
Biochemistry and me doesn't go in sync that much, 
so as Chemistry and me 
back in the foundy year. 
Even so, there are also other problems 
like lecturers, time, attitude, et cetera. 
Thus, let's not complain more. 
Let's just take every issues 
tackle them properly 
and come up with a better mechanism 
so that it will not be turn out 
to be another head-cracker 
during the next semester. 

Moving on to my next point. 
This semester, too  
A few ideas have been sold to me 
and I decided to buy them. 
Allow me to sample it out. 
"I bathe whenever I like." 
-KM Wong 
"You, as an engineering student, 
should think. You don't simply take things. 
Always ask yourself why things turn out to be this way, 
how are the principles derived, and so on. 
You should've done 
your study by your own. Coming to class 
is just a act to verify whatever you've learnt 
during your self study"
-Dr. Kenneth 
"No matter what it is, in the end, you're the one 
who's going to the exam hall. 
If you fail, you're the one 
who's going to repeat the paper anyway. 
The lecturers don't suffer any loss. 
The one who's in loss, is but you." 
-Dr. Shuhaida 
Some of these, go without saying. 
Still, listening to them being repeated 
once in a while 
doesn't seem like a bad idea. :D 

The last part, that is the finals. 
I giggled every time I try to recall those moments. Heh. 
Can't believe we actually survived 
five streaking (read: FREAKING) days 
of those core papers 
Initiated with Signals, 
continued with Intermediate Maths, 
Analogue Electronics II, 
Engineering Mechanics. 
We almost didn't sleep, at all. 
Our "haven" at KKC59 has actually changed 
to a studying pod. 
How unusual. 
Syed came to my room like everyday 
to prep together, 
especially for the last three papers. 
During the final sprint 
for Engineering Mechanics (the last paper),
I even stayed over till the end. Not sleeping at all. 

For the sake of trying to give it my all. 
It was that crazy 
had a feeling that it was too bizarre 
compared to those final sprints 
we had in the first year. 
Seems like shit has just gone real. 

Never mind. 
What's used to be the present 
is currently being what we've known 
as the past.  
Now, only the pointer will decide 
if everything's worth it. 
I won't really hope 
to grasp those stars in the skies 
Not my pic.
yet, I would love it 
if my efforts 
are regarded appropriately. :) 
Then again, it's not on me to decide that. 
To continue hoping, that's how it shall be. 
Let's aim high. 
Have a nice Sunday ^^

P/S: A token of appreciation 
for everyone that makes up Semester Three 
as what it is to me. 
Looking forward 
to have a good partnership with you guys again 
or even better, maybe 
for the next semester. Weeeeeeeeeee

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