Friday, January 25, 2013

Holiday Report.

It's the semester break 
and it has been two weeks already. 
Time sure flies. 
But boy, sure I'm grateful, though 
for this holiday's quite filled 
till it's worth to be published here. Maybe

Not saying that I didn't really do anything 
during the past sem breaks, 
I spent most of the past sem breaks 
in Melaka, 
so it didn't feel like I'm 
actually going out anywhere.. 
because the feeling's like 
moving around 
your house compound, you see?

Meanwhile, for this one, 
I've been going everywhere. 
You bet I am. 
Since the situation has turned out to be different. 
I moved to Seremban, 
and I still don't know much about the place. 
Plus the added factor of Seremban 
being close both to KL & Melaka, 
I'm merely twisting it to my own benefit. Heh-heh 
*evil laugh* 

So let's begin with this "Holiday Report". 
On the first week, 
I've been all around Seremban 
Senawang too. 
Umi's being the tour guide 
since Haziq (the ex-roommate) hasn't gone back yet. 
She showed me those routes for her to go to work, 
those routes for me to send my siblings to school, 
those routes for me to send Athirah for her Quran classes.. 
(yea Imma part time driver here)
Then we actually went to Taipan Senawang 
and had this unique kind of sate called "Sate Tulang". 
Unusual right? Not sure if it's familiar to some others. 
For the eagerness to try 
exceeds the eagerness to snap the moments, 
I can barely snap anything 
to reflect what a "Sate Tulang
really is. 
Ini jelah gambar yg ade. Pfft
Probably I'll post it Instagram or whatever 
whenever I come over to that place again. 
Then I accidentally went to Mid Valley 
on my own accord 
The thing is, it was to kill some time 
while waiting for the car to be serviced 
at Senawang. 
Since the KTM Station's too near the service centre, 
I figured it would be too good for not to go. Heh. 
I even dragged my brother along. Heheh
on the same week, 
I joined my classmates (like four of them) 
and we went to Aquaria. Pfft. 
Of all the places. Still, it's not that bad. :P
Kesian si tukang tangkap gambar
sebab gambar dia takde hewhew

Here's another one.
Oh, credits to Facebook. 
Probably I'll do another post on that 
just to show the pictures of the inhabitants 
being exhibited there. Haa 
Last but not least, 
I went back Melaka 
on the weekends. 
For the sake of visiting le hometown 
and to accompany these two people. =.= 
Bila roommates bertemu.. I can only witness. ><
Went to a teacher's daughter's wedding too... 
and I happened to hang with Rafiq 
and Zaiasraf at night. 
We played bowl at MIBC & eat late dinner. 

Brahh. Unhealthy. =.=

Second week. 
Not much. 
I went to Shah Alam 
meeting up Dini & Syidah 
and snap! 
and retrieved this from Dini 
New baby. 
thanks Dini. I'll take good care of this :') 
Oh, and sorry again for your cat :(
The next day, again, I'm saying "Hi" to Mid Valley. 
This time, it's with the people from 
the Communication Engineering - 
Atiqah, Laila, Ezzah. 
Tak faham sebenarnya kenapa Ezzah duduk kat tengah-tengah alam tu. :S
We went watching "Mama" 
and had Carls Jr. for lunch. 
Same photo from Instagram. 
Unexpectedly, I met Rizal. 
In his short-hair form. He-he 
Handsome guy's in the house!
We talked A LOT 
while waiting for the ladies to arrive 
(I reached KL Sentral the earliest amongst the other three) 
Though I'm a bit silent. 
Yeah, awkward moment of meeting an old friend. 
Normal enough. 
Still, glad to meet you again Rizal. 
It really has been quite some time 
since those foundy years. :) 

Not sure. 
The only thing I have in mind 
is to go Melaka again 
to do some chores 
and going Genting with le classmates 
that's by next Monday. 
Haven't considered hanging out with Haziq, Ariff 
or Faizran, Fera & the others.. 
Really missed them.. 
Since I'm at Seremban now, it should be 
good to meet them every now & then. 
Provided if I have pennies left. Hehe 

Till then. 
I'm glad that 
this has been quite a holiday. 
Another holiday that doesn't get me lazying around 
and slows down my cerebrum 
plus giving me new insights, 
since I'm not spending lots of my time in Melaka 
as I used to, anymore. 
Jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan kan 
Rejuvenated enough, 
I believe I should start get back to work. 
Well, you see, I'm a part-time ninja. 
Kalau dah student tu apa lagilah kerja nak buat kan. 
With that, I'll see you later. 

P/S: Too much words will make it tedious. 
Too much pictures will make it not much of a difference 
with a photo album. 
Now I'm tied up. =.='' 
Yea whatever. I love writing...yea right

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