Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here we are. The separation.

Assalamualaikum. The day has come. It's just as what my roommate said from the past two or three days. It is inevitable that everybody's going home, back to the place where they've belonged to. 

Seemingly harsh, though. Because it's just a year. A year of memories. It felt like we'd just get to know each other yesterday. It felt like we'd just come to the campus all the way from our respective homes just to further our studies here for a better future. It felt like we'd just declared ourselves as best friends forever (BFF). Likewise, time is being jealous of us & here we are, at the end of the foundation studies. Hurmm. 

The atmosphere is all gloomy & dull for some people. That includes me as well :/ How am I going to forget each & every memories here? You guys are so great, each & every one of you. Made me feel that I don't have the need to make new friends during my higher studies because I don't want to lose memories with all of you. It's you guys who build up my strength, reaffirms my code, having me looking at the life itself at a different perspective, & giving me new memories in every day I spent here. I can feel the difference, anyhow. It's like I'm a total loser when I started my first days of studying here & in the end, I can start believing in my dreams again. It's all credits to you guys. Most of you have been so special to me in terms of friendship that whenever we hang out, even without saying a word, I feel blessed with every moment invested with you. 

I know, I seemed to be positive by telling myself that we'll meet again in future. Yeah, it's not like we don't have each other's phone numbers, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger whatsoever to contact each other, isn't it? Nevertheless, the fact is, it's going to be hard for our paths to cross again like what happened in the past two sems. It's sad that after this, we can only watch each other from our own, separate, parallel ways. Undeniably, not all of us possess the same dream, am I right? I know that I'll be missing the campus as well as my allies I've made here. Hence, I won't want to stay in the campus for degree studies. Even staying here any longer will hurt me. Because being in the campus without my foundation friends is such emptiness. I guess I'll let myself missing both. It should be better then. 

Yet, what's appropriate to be done now is to let bygones be bygones. Moving on is the only option available. Because I don't want to be trapped in these memories forever without getting myself proceeding forth. I want to be different in context of being better than who I am in present, if we ever meet again. I bet everyone else is thinking the same too. Hopefully there's a reunion in five to ten years in future (five years in future may sound too short) so that we can cherish those moments again. The moments of togetherness. Currently I don't have the capability to make it a reality, so I could just hope. Haih. This adds more reason of why I should move on. Last but not least, I'm proud as I am one of the thousands of Science & Engineering foundation students being the first batch studying here at UiTM Puncak Alam. I don't know why, but this feeling of being the first batch is very special. I wonder what will happen if I were to study at somewhere else in the beginning.

Well then, till we meet again in person. For the time being, let's just contact through all forms of communications stated above. Please don't forget each other, will you? It's not like we'll meet again frequently, somehow. Okay, Ariff is going to kill me for this. Gotta get this lazy S moving. Assalamualaikum. 

Bukan gambar saya =.=''

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