Thursday, June 23, 2011

Current Situation.

Yes, I'm currently at Melaka. 
It has been a week since I arrived. 
I'm not sure if I did write here about why I returned Melaka early
Oh yeah. I don't.
Hurmm, to put it simply, it's because of the increasing living cost.
It's a new issue. 
Happened since we (that's me & Fikri Syafiq) moved to a rented house (or I might say in precise, flat) at Petaling Jaya from MIA's house at Taman AU1 Setiawangsa.
Just imagine, a cost for one-day transportation from home to work would cost you nearly RM10. 
Hey, that's totally a no-go. 
That, fortifies the justification of me cancelling plans of staying at KL till July & accelerates the practice of the plan of me going back home.
Lesson learnt: Don't work in KL unless you're being paid for at least RM2K or RM3K or more.
BTW, in present, I'm now working at Petronas which is only a stone's throw away from my house. 
Position? Mere pump attendant. What can you expect with a guy that only finished his foundation studies?
Well, to be truthful, I didn't really like this job. I didn't favour that smell of the petroleum being pumped. 
The night shift is the only shift where I didn't face such things, nevertheless, my biological clock is affected consequently.
I'm accepting it since it's the first job offer that come to me. 
In the first place, I thought it could be hard to find some other jobs, so I took the offer without even thinking twice. 
That was till Mynews & Speedy Video give me a call to offer jobs as well. I'm in a dilemma. 
And hell yeah, I rejected those offers with such regret. Hurmm. Can't be helped.
But now, even Masturah has offered a helping hand for me to get another job since she too wanted a working partner at Parkson Mahkota Parade. 
Parkson? Again? Well. At least I've some friends over there.
Not to forget that Parkson malls in Melaka don't have such wine-related issues. *relieved*
Yet, I did forget about asking for her help on the other day. Sorry Mas! 
I don't know what will happen next. Guess I'll just wait until I get my first pay this 30th of June, which is on the upcoming week. 
Till then, let's go with the flow.
Ahh, night shift again for tonight. Makes it the 4th night. Lord. My melatonin level, please don't run amok.


  1. ala, duk melaka lg best an ? tempat keje dekat gila. ta perlu membazir duit sngat XD

  2. well, tak dinafikan. tapi lagi rindu palammmmm T.T


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