Saturday, June 25, 2011

Affordable KL homes - from NST Online

I was thinking about writing something else.
But then, currently I'm more attracted to this information I obtained from the news while working just now.
It's about the announcement of more affordable housing projects for youngsters (or people that are below 35 of age) with a gross income of less than RM3K a month.
It's interesting to know that something like that does exist. 
And since the project seems to be too new (only to be on announcement phase), 
I'm certain that I've a high chance of buying one for myself. 
Logically, when the project is completed, let's say in four or five years to come, I should've finished my studies & 
already working my ass off to earn money for living.
Hence, I'm going to paste the bits & bytes of the article here, just to remind myself to look out for more information regarding this when the time comes.
Credits to NST Online (although I initially obtained the info from Berita Harian). 

PETALING JAYA: A new publicprivate housing initiative featuring homes priced RM220,000 and below will be launched next month.

Some of these houses and condominiums will be built on a portion of the Sungai Besi airport site —a prime spot—after the Royal MalaysianAir Force air base shifts to Sendayan, Negri Sembilan, PrimeMinister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said yesterday.

Under this Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia (Prima) project, deservingMalaysians will be able to own quality homes at below market prices.

They can also take advantage of the “My First Home Scheme” launched inMarch.This scheme allows Malaysians earning less than RM3,000 per month to obtain 100 per cent financing from selected financial institutions for houses costing between RM100,000 and RM220,000with a repayment period of 30 years.

Najib said a special unit under the PrimeMinister’s Department would decide who were eligible to buy these Prima homes.

“We willmanage that because we want to show that the distribution is handled fairly and in a transparentmanner so that people who deserve homes get houses,” he said during a radio interview over Chinese-language One FM radio station at Sri Pentas. Owners would benefit from price appreciation as Prima homes will be sold at below the market price.

“At least on paper, you can make a profit vis-a-vis the market price. It is good, especially for the young people,” Najib said.

He said a few projects were in the pipeline and that several big developers, including Sime Darby, SP Setia and Putrajaya Corporation, had been approached to join in the project.

The government, he said, would provide the land for developers to construct quality housing for the people.

“The idea is that they (developers) don’t make money, nor do I want them to lose. They are there to provide quality, affordable housing for the rakyat. This is not going to be a commercial project. The government will provide the land for them.

“So we want them to give quality affordable housing and they have to present to us their business model.

We ’ll do the business analysis and make sure they will not make any money or lose any either. This is a social business model, quite different from a business model.”

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Okay, need to prepare myself for a friend's sister's wedding. Assalamualaikum.

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