Saturday, October 15, 2011

Recent Updates - UniMAP

It has been quite some time, huh?
Can't be helped.
Studying DOES consume
a big portion
of your time 
after all.

it's not like this dork's studying
Most of the time
is invested
on adapting himself,
Yeah, still need more time
to accept & embrace
this new environment.
Am I too slow?
You might say so.
I missed my foundy life so bad
and I turn out to be a good boy here. 

Like seriously, it's true.
Less dilly-dallying
Less playing & loafing around
Less hanging around
Less gaming
Less Facebooking, blogging, tweeting

and more to
class admin
(Yeah, I'm the class rep, so what? =='')
catching up lessons -a bit-
studying a bit here & a bit there
a bit only ea?
The test's next week man! 

Sometimes I DO feel like
I've turn out to be a robot 
or something.
Hoping for someone to save me
but seems like
I just have to rot here, huh?

At the very least
one good thing occurs
last week.
you see
we were having our school dinner
and we were instructed
to perform.
Initially everything
seems to be going well
until things happen
but luckily
there were
 considerate classmates 
whom were willing 
to lend a hand
to upgrade the performance
into a better and bigger scale
and yes
it worked. 
Too bad
we didn't manage
to tape it
the food's finished too
(there goes our ten bucks)
plus me had to be 
last minute emcee.
(so I didn't have the chance
to camwhore T.T)
But never mind.
The memory
and even the smiles
of my coursemates
whom enjoyed themselves that night
it keeps my smile
from fading
till now :]

From left: Wail, Haitham, Faiz, Kamarul.

Special appearance: Abang jambu! <3

From left: Ina, Nazirah, Wawa, Syera

The guy in green --> Aril
The guy in brown (I guess) --> Aizuddin  (he's my classmate since foundy. UUU)

From left: Faiz Spencer, Harun, Sol

From behind: Linda, Farhana, Elly, Zahirah


Zek, Tira, Hidayah.

Most of the international students, except for the white guy wearing purple baju Melayu on the middle XD

Adibah & Mazila Emilia (sorry, I don't know your nickname T.T)

Sharlini & Dhamayanthi.

Nik, Ain & Fatin.

The Malaysian beetles of the course. Count me, Khairul (the guy in purple baju Melayu), Faiz, Luqman & KM Wong out.
Me was on the stage T.T

From left: Fatin, Aliaa (my assistant >.<), Hani

This is the result of the nervousness experienced while waiting for our turn to perform.
From left: Atikah, Fifi

I might say this is the King of Camwhore of the Night...

and this is the Queen. Can't you see? She could strike a pose even though she was eating ==''

Plus this is the group that camwhored the most during that night.

So what's done is done.
Should've work out
for the next class project
and pray
for another ray of light
to shine my seemed-to-be-gloomy path
Okay don't sound pathetic much, Afiq.

P/S: Credits to Syed Syazwan (the guy in black baju Melayu) for the pics 
(and also the car :D)

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