Sunday, December 18, 2011

Inevitable - Has No Choice But To Face It.

The finals are approaching
has to make ends meet
yet he's not that prepared
and urgh
getting his right knee
scratched badly 
while running away 
from a flour-throwing-birthday-bash
It IS a bad idea

But he's not giving it a damn
To take a break, no
To make an excuse out of it, no
To postpone things, no
well try to do so
and whole load of shit

will come upon him
so why bother taking them?
Not to forget
the diet's toppling down
Gaining weight again huh?
Here goes those dreams
of getting good physique
now he can go lazying around 
and be obese AGAIN
isn't he right?

Somehow rather
everybody else
seems relaxed.
You lucky thing.
*not my pic*
Not sure if it's just his feeling
or it's the cold truth.
yea right
it's only him who needs those studying
everyone else's bright enough already
he guesses

Till then
let him restore himself for now
before he allocates his best
for finals, generally
and for a bulk of EKT120 
tests & evaluations
in particular

P/S: An early sprint gives you a good start,
but it's the final sprint
that determines whether you'll emerge victorious
or flops down pathetically.

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