Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Third Day.

14th of May, 2012. 
2245 hours. 
The phone's ringing. 
He was in the midst of 
preparing to do 
the assignment. 
He went for the call 
a wee bit later 
and looked at the screen 
"It's Aqilah. Why is it?" 
and undeniably 
all of the sudden 
his heart's felt 
like pounding harder 
that moment. 

The call answered. 
"Yes Aqilah, why is it?" 
"Along, didn't Umi call you yet?" 
"No she didn't, why is it then?" 
"He passed. Just a moment ago." 
and then, Umi called. 
"Gotta go. Umi's calling." 
and the same news received. 
"Along, Abah's gone." 
He kept quiet. 
"Are you going back? 
Can you go back? 
If you're, I'll bank in the money." 
"Yes, yes, it's okay." 
"I'll be going back tomorrow, 
since there's no bus at the moment." 
he updated his Facebook status 
and recited Yassin 
and went for a walk 
which later turned out to be 
a hangout with 
Faiz, Soul, KM, Acap 
because drizzles broke down 
wetting the earth. 
at 0200 hours or so 
he went back Melaka 
in a dash 
credits to his uncle 
which coincidentally 
just reached Perlis 
all the way from Kuantan 
back then 
for some work 

and now 
it has been three days. 
the funeral went good and all 
It's just the matter of 
and moving on  
making a new turnover 
out of life. 
To be truthful 
yes, somehow rather 
he's fine. 
Perfectly fine, God willing 
even from the first day 
It's just that 
he's now 
the leader of the house, itself 
he's not fully eligible 
to take charge 
on immediate effect 
and to make his mum waiting 
for another few more years 
before he can step up 
has left him feeling guilty. 
So does the worry of 
his family's adaptability 
while he's at Perlis 
and not being around 
somewhere near them 
This is just another test, perhaps 
he's just have to endure it 
as always 
isn't he? :) 
The Lord will be helping, for sure. 
It's just the matter of time 
and prayers 
and probably a few other factors too. 

Till then 
hopefully the ceased 
will be kept 
from the grave's torture 
and forgiven for all the sins done. 
Che Man bin Saleh 
father, husband, son, leader 
30/11/1963 - 14/05/2012 

Far away.
Oh, it's not my pic. 

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