Monday, June 11, 2012

Post for the Finals.

This is the final sprint stage. 
At this time 
everybody's supposed to study 
doing their own final sprint 
or take some rest 
chill out 
especially the finals 
are really, really 
just around the corner 
but I'm here 
and I'm typing this. 

The 18th paper is ENT115 Analogue Electronics I.
Oh, I've prepared none for that. T_T
P/S: Not my pic #1

I don't mind though 
because this is a part of my mission 
"mission", I guess 
of exercising my efforts 
to reach as many people as I could 
(surely people whom I know ONLY) 
and seek apologies from them 
for everything 
that I've done 
this semester 
the last semester 
or probably all this while 
for not being a good company.  
The isolation 
The selfishness 
The "cold war" 
The wrongdoings 
yeah, I'm terribly sorry for that. 

This finals 
They meant a lot to me 
and I think
I've been attached to the fact 
so much 
since the beginning of the sem 
till I screwed up with things 
tangled up in commitments 
deceived by the flow of time 
and in the end 
I end up hurting everybody 
or indirectly related to me. 
Again, I'm sorry. 

before I march 
into the exam halls 
soon enough 
(which is about less than 48 hours, 
I guess) 
I hope that 
I can convey this message 
to whom I called 
well, "relatives" and "family" 
are also applicable 
then again 
are the most group of people 
I've been dealing with 
and caused trouble to  
I'm sorry. 
Do forgive me. 
Bless my journey 
and pray for our success together. 
Well, I'll be praying too 
God willing. 

Not my pic #2

I know 
since I've been expecting so much 
and doing a lot (I guess) 
this sem 
hence I can expect 
to harvest good crops 
by then 
if things happen 
the way they're not supposed to be, 
at the very least 
I don't want to have any regrets 
left behind. 

Well then 
Time's up for me. 
Gotta go. 
and thanks for everything. 
Till then 
let's hold hands together 
and march as one. 
The peak of victory is waiting. 

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