Thursday, July 12, 2012

Transition from An Online Junkie to A Family Person.

I am a busy man, indeed. 
Even when I'm at home. 
Now only I'm having 
myself as a whole 
relaxed & probably calm 
mentang-mentang esok cuti kan 
But hey, I deserved it. 
I mean, it has been more than a week 
since my last day break 
for the interview. 
Hence, let's break a leg 
and chill :D 

time flies fast 
isn't it? 
A month has passed 
since the finals begun 
and I've been working 
as a part-timer 
at McDonald's Mahkota Parade 
for about three weeks, perhaps 
plus doing full time 
as the head of the house. 

Well, it's not a big deal... 
I'm used to 
work at McDonald's 
back when I was 
away from home 
While the scope of the work 
as the "head of the house" 
is just about 
going to work 
driving my mum to 
wherever she wants 
as she needs to settle some deals 
unfinished deals 
dated back when 
arwah is still alive 
or deals that come upon surface 
when arwah left us. 
Sometimes I would lend a hand 
whenever it is necessary, 
sometimes I don't. 
Doing normal things 
a normal elder sibling would do 
like picking up the younger ones 
from school  
Sending off Aqilah back to 
UiTM Lendu each & every time 
she went back home. 
Taking each & every details of the house. 

Yeah, there are times 
when I'm feeling 
super tight 
Felt like I'm more of 
a family person now 
no longer an online junkie am I 
and I admit 
sometimes I feel disconnected 
yet, it's just a feeling 
I must ignore 
because the best part of all of this 
is that I can have 
a crystal clear view 
of the siblings and umi 
throughout this sem break 
and I love them 
wayyyyyy more 
than my social network accounts :') 

Then again, there's a lot 
to be expected in future! 
The results are out maybe in 
few days more. 
I'm keeping them private 
for the time being 
depending on the results 
Ramadhan is less than two weeks. 
One or two more outings to KL 
before I'm out for sem 3. 
Plus the next semester
it has always been 
a thrill to me >.< 
For the time being, 
let's just hope things will be 
going good 
and even better from time to time 
God willing. 
Till then, sayonara. 
To anyone who has just 
started his or her holiday, 
enjoy yourself with care, please.  

P/S: Condolences to Nur Syafiqah Shafie 
for the loss. God loves him more :)

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