Monday, August 13, 2012

That Post In the Early Morning --> Brotherhood

It has been quite dusty here. 
*buat buat bersihkan habuk
Dah kena tweet-limit. 
Taktahu nak buat ape dengan Facebook. 
Jadi jari jemari mula menari-nari 
sehingga tiba ke ruangan ini. 
Dah lama nak update sebenarnya. 
Tapi idea memanjang hilang 
each & everytime 
saya tekan "New Post" 

Since I'm here 
I'll just write about 
this "brothers" thingy 
that came into my mind 
just about yesterday.  
Sorry if it's not that good. 
Dah lama tak menaiplah katakan. 
I'm playing melancholic songs 
to get the mood BTW. 
Don't know if it'll work. 
Currently playing Jason Walker's Down. 
So, let's get started. 

I love to pull 
my little brother's cheeks 
for one day 
if I'm not around 
he'll remember me 
and say  
"Onii-san, he used to 
play with my cheeks." 

I love to argue 
with my little brother 
even in the silliest things possible 
and get away with it 
for in future to come 
during the days that I'm not around 
he'll remember me 
and say 
"Onii-san, he used to 
pick a fight with me." 

I love to brag about myself 
and talk a lot 
to my little brother 
kind of like an oyaji 
for when things happen 
and I'm not around 
he'll remember me 
and say 
"Onii-san's not around anymore.
I've to grow up 
and surpass him 
and protect the family 
in his place." 

I love to scold 
my little brother 
in every stupid things that he did 
the laziness he commits 
the disrespect he gives to his older sisters 
for if that day arrives 
when I'm not around 
he'll remember me 
and say 
"Onii-san used to get angry 
with me for this kind of shit. 
Now he's not here 
I can't afford to do 
such foolish mistakes 

For all the memories 
will be the only ones 
that remain with them 
till eternity 
For I want them 
to grow up good 
and be a man  
So why should be a boring onii-san 
when we can actually 
mess up with them 
while guiding them indirectly? 
let's keep on doing this 
till the time comes 
and I have to say 
"Sorry Otouto, this is the last time." 

Not my pic, obviously. 

I'm done. 
Gotta go away 
for a while. 
Ja matta ne! 
(See you later!)
Oh, and an advance 
Hari Raya wish 
just in case 
if I didn't manage 
to update -AGAIN- 
before Raya. T_T


  1. That's very sweet!
    Lepas ni dorg bole ckp, onii-san said sweet things in his blog :))

  2. eeee. kinda give me goosebumps :OO


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