Saturday, February 26, 2011

Find the answers + Rely on each other + Inspire bravery + Encourage dreams + Never stop caring + Devise crazy schemes + Stand by each other = FRIENDS.

Assalamualaikum. Again? Yeah. Can't stop it when the idea's coming. If I do so, then the creativity will run away. Who taught that? I learnt that myself. Okay, that's bullshit. 

Moving on to my point. Definitely, we can make lots & lots of friends. It is always easier that way. But the thing is, no matter how much friend you have, you still have a group of friends that will always be there for you. They're the ones who'll listen to your stories, the ones who'll always hang out with you, the ones that'll bleed their ears (sometimes eyes) just to see you babbling, the ones who'll always on-call whenever you need company & so much things. Some ppl may call it as BFF, PIC or whatsoever & hell yes, I'm talking about close friends. Err, probably "friends" would do enough as the term. Because that's what friends really meant for, aren't they?

Okay, what's the issue here? The quality of the friendship itself. In some cases, ppl become friends for doubtful reasons. Some ppl CHOOSE whoever qualified to be their friends. Some ppl, somehow, are not being a good friend of another. Undoubtedly, it's inappropriate to do so. The sincerity in befriending someone is totally on demand these days. You can never be choosy in these kind of things. Who knows, if someday, the ones you considered as underlings will turn out to be your saviour & helper during your gloomy days? None but Him. Thus, value each & everyone of your friends. That will be enough as a token of sincerity in your friendship.

In valuing a friendship, probably the most crucial thing is to accept your friends as they are. They are born & brought up from various backgrounds that lead to the uniqueness in each & everyone of them in context of their attitude, ability & so on & so forth. By doing it otherwise is a disgrace to them. Just give it a thought of what would you feel if you're being treated that way too. Besides, if you've lots of friends (I mean friends in good terms), try to allocate time for each & everyone of them. I know it's ridiculous. I mean if you do so, you'll have your twenty-four hours occupied. Hey don't be too straight would ya? Be creative okay. You're a mortal with brains! Use your head wisely. LOL. Just remember this : If ppl are being bias as well & treat you like you've never been there, would you feel disappointed? Therefore, don't ever do the same to the others, okay? Yes I'm repeating my point. That's redundant =.=''

Okay maybe that's it for now. Chocolate indulgance is waiting. Thanks to Faizran & Ariff Ashyraff (AGAIN?) :P

FYI, this is the best lesson of life I obtained here in Puncak Alam. Till then. Assalamualaikum.

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