Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Memories of Muhammad.

  1. Today's the day of remembrance + the day of birth of our Prophet, Muhammad pbuh. 12 Rabiulawal 1432. It has been centuries since you left us with the greatest treasure of all - Islam, Al-Quran & your Sunnah for us to lead our lives on our own.
  2. It has been an honour for us to born & to live with the shrine of Islam & practicing Islam teachings which has been conveyed by you from the God. But, it'll definitely be more of an honour to see you in person. We, as the younger generations, cannot help but to only hear about your history, your fight to put Islam in stand, your efforts & your sufferings. 
  3. Every year when it comes to this day, I'll cry deep in my heart. Because I miss you. Because I wonder, when will I possess an attitude as great as yours? Because I'm sad that I didn't remember you the whole time like the earlier generations of your time doing.
  4. Supposedly it is a must for us to love you more than any living mortal in this Earth. However, the globalisation, the capitalisation, everything - it changed us slowly & made us into a selfish, materialistic person ever than before. We tend to think more about ourselves & people around rather than we think about you. In fact, when the judgement day comes, only you can help us to lift our burdens due to our countless sins. Please, do forgive us.
  5. My only hope is that this day will bring myself & the others even closer to you & the treasure you'd left us better. Probably by making this as a start, we can learn to remember you everyday like the earlier generations do.
P/S : The earlier generations mentioned here are referred to as "Para Sahabat".


  1. well. it makes people reflect themselves.
    i like reading post that makes people think, and put themselves in the situations as said in the post.

  2. thanx. if it enlightens your day, i'll be more than happy to hear it. terharu ni. cis =.=''


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