Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Letter From Heart to Brain (Can A Brain Write A Letter by his own? =.='')

Dear heart,

I know you're a good lover, a faithful companion & a helpful partner. Keep it up. With all these, we'll turn out to make our master as a good friend, leader, husband & father in future. Amin.

Yet, you know that our master's in the toughest mission of his life. He's in a live-or-dead situation. He's in a critical age. He's in a transition from adolescence to adulthood. Yeah, we both know that he's mentally prepared for that, but what about the physical preparation? Any stable financial condition? Any assets owned? Any skills honed? Probably the answer is approaching zero which can be rounded off to none. NONE! Yet, you're still thinking that he's going to survive? Hell no. 

Dear heart,

We need to help him to prepare. We can't let him down. We can't afford to cause him to lead a pitiful life. After all, our roles in the first place are for him to maximize so that he'll able to pass any obstacles & challenges. Thus, we need to be at our best for 24/7. It's going to be quite tiring. We need to be alert, self-motivated & quick all the time. Definitely, our stamina & focus will be drained, causing our master to have an increase in the level of insecurity, nervousness & the ability of self-control. Again, we're required to maintain the internal balance so that he will not switch on his autopilot mode & go berserk. That's a catastrophe. We must keep an eye on this matter all the time. There are no other options left, therefore whether we're ready or not, we need to do this. 

Do not feel worried. Worrying around will only mess up the situation. I'll only need you to stay with me all the time. Without you, our master will lose his humanity. He'll be nothing more than a robot. He'll never care for others. He'll not be as appreciative as he is now. He'll not make it through if that's going to happen. I assume that you realize that fact since I can't smell robot out of him till now. That's excellent, buddy. Nevertheless, I hope you wouldn't overdo it. Especially on the matters regarding the life partner. Yes, I know. The hormones are raging. In addition, I admit that during this journey, we've meet plenty of good girls out there. Still, the mission is incomplete. You know that it's too early for him to have one. Because there are so much other serious things for him to think of right now. To think of it, if we are to focus on this matter first, I'm certain that our master will face tougher problems to feed his young. Hence, please stay focus on our main objective here & don't get yourself derailed. If you get derailed, I'll be in trouble too. Never mind. I'm giving you a loose agreement, which is if we've achieved half of the main objective; we can start putting this love matter into consideration. It should be fine then :)    

Please be realistic, dear heart. Our master's in a vast world. He's not going to stay in Melaka forever. He's going to face the world! The world! Can't you see that? We're the ones who agreed that we should be help him to be more than just some "jaguh kampung", isn't it? However, it's easier said than done. We both know that there are many brilliant people in this world, plus we've seen quite a few of these people around him during his foundation studies, especially. Yet, you know that we are forbidden to let him give up. It is a must for us to make his fiery spirit burns even more by having these scholars around him. It is a must for us to ensure that he's keeping in track with the competition too. The main point here is not about for him to be the best, but it's for him to be better. Because we both know that only He deserves the "best" title. Not to forget that we need to build him up to be a better all-rounder. It is impossible for him to move the world if he only have one skill mastered, isn't it?

Dear heart, 

As we've accepted that our master's in a vast world, we too need to accept that he's not alone. He still has his companions around. He still has his mother & siblings. He still has Him. Even in the jungle, the animals move in packs. And to expect him to move on his own? That's a no-go. The fact is, it is inevitable for him to be the receiving hand. Consequently, he has to accept any help provided without hesitation. Thus, the ego has to be lowered as well because the truth is his mission is hard to accomplish only by his own hands. Again, it is against your stand, isn't it? I'm sorry. But still, if the ego's there, our master will never make this biggest leap of his life. I hope you'll understand. Be patient. As the mission is accomplished, you'll know that's the most rightful time to lend the helping hand again, especially to friends & family who helped our master much. I'm pretty sure that the time's not too far from now. 

Lastly, my apologies for asking too much out of you. It's because we have that mutualism to hand in hand to serve our master. I know that you're fine with it, don't you? :DD

Lots of love, 


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