Saturday, November 26, 2011

and It Adds Up

It has been quite some time
since I came here.
Didn't really notice it
till my "step sis" - pfft
gives me a hit about it.

So I'm still here at UniMAP
trying to adapt with things
yeah, new things keep on
going day by day.
Being selected as 
the Head of Bureau of Radio
for the Kelab Penyiaran
or simply PROTEM,
as they say
not to forget I may have to be 
the deejay or newscaster
that depends on the results 
that'll be out soon
Being selected as a joint emcee
for the School of Electric System's dinner
by this upcoming study week
Dealing with the resignation of my 
vice pres & sec
by this 2nd semester
Dealing with the early signs of flood -
yeah the rain keeps on pouring
but there's no sign of overflowing. 
Dealing with the classes & studies -
the syllabus seems to have gone tougher
and the whole class are talking about finals
Dealing, AGAIN
with the peer pressure
of everyone's having BFs & GFs
nahh I'm tired of this
wondering when will this shit ends

and with all of the above
 I didn't really understand
why I feel like I'm still here
Creeps me out, anyway
because the responsibilities 
are like calling for my attention
but as I devise the time-planner
I find out that
"Nahh, I can still KIV on this one"
Yes Afiq.
Do it again and again
and don't cry when you get killed
by them 
sooner or later
if you've yet to be alert quick.
At the very least,
I should not consider these
as some burden
or I'll be killed even faster.

and within this time
while I'm not updating here
I've actually returned to my old habit
of looking at the stars
at night.

By then
I just noticed 
that Perlis is a good place 
for star-gazing
now that adds another point
to the merit
guess Perlis isn't really that bad huh?
Yeah, thought so. Hurmm.
Since this old habit 
has made a comeback
so does the interest
of learning about stars
and constellations
and things related
anybody willing to help me? :/
I can see that chance anyway
since my classmate
is really into it as well
and he
is going to establish an "Astronomy Club"
the first one in the varsity
so I guess I can learn some things from him
but if possible
can I not join the club please? XD
I'm just too new in this thing
to mix up with people who're already
been with it for some time
it's really shameful. Hurmm.
But then, we'll see.
Who knows what'll happen next, right?

Let's just hope that everything
will turn out to be fine
not to forget to put on those efforts as well.
Don't be afraid to pay more effort.
For even if you didn't make it in the end,
at the very least,
you'll smile and say "I'm satisfied that I'd given my best all the way until the finals."
P/S: Need more willpower to go for extra miles.

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