Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Time To Get A New Calendar

and the Hijrian calendar
has changed its page
another year has passed
 here comes
1433 Hijri.
A new year that is less regarded.
A new year that is less anticipated
somehow rather
I wonder
why is it even more thrilling
to celebrate 1 January 
instead of
to celebrate 1 Muharram.
Is it because of 
the lacking of knowledge about the Hijri year?
Is it because of the media?
Is it because of the environment?
the people around?
God knows. :/

I'm one of those generations
whom are excited 
when 1 January's approaching
Can't be helped
because I was born in this era
and nothing can be done
to change the fact.
I remember when I was little
It was a common thing
to stay up for the new year countdown
buying new things
making new year resolutions
as if it is another festive season
of the year.
While when 1 Muharram approaches
the first thing that came up into this head was
"Yeah. Another holiday."

Yet then
let's take a look at it
from the bright side
at the very least
we didn't overdose the day (1 Muharram)
with distracting entertainments 
with overspending on unnecessary things
with focusing on other things
that may get us off the main spirit
of the day itself
that is
evolution, or hijrah as they may say
But then again
this spirit to evolve
shouldn't just be at peak 
only during these times
for it is more appropriate
to keep the spirit all the time
so that we can progress further and further
as we take steps by steps
to lead our respective path of lives
isn't it?

Just another opinion.
Till then
Happy New Year.
Selamat menyambut Maal Hijrah.

Not my pic.

P/S: Self reminder - Don't forget 
to recite year end prayers
as well as the prayers for the early year.

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