Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stars Tonight

the skies 
are just as beautiful
Like, seriously.
The moon's shining brightly
in its crescents
the stars
are glittering all over
there's not even a cloud
being in the way
unlike the past nights
It feels like
this night's really special
I wonder why

Do they look like this? I guess so.

Probably they're
are trying to cheer me up
isn't it?
Do they even understand
my gloomy feelings?
Again, I wonder.
If only the skies doesn't want me 
to be sad
why should I let myself be?
Well then
Celestial beings,
thanks for shining brightly tonight
for showing that
there's still some dim light
even if in the darkest of the dark
Hopefully I'll make it up for this one
by giving it my very best
in the next combat

the beauty 
of the skies tonight
makes me feel 
like I need someone special
as a company
to star-gaze together with me
but then
in present
I'm still a pathetic loner.
Okay. I'm off.

P/S: If only I have the whole night to 
spend on star-gazing :/

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