Monday, August 27, 2012

and all I can say is "Alhamdulillah".

This post 
merely serves 
as a humble reminder 
for this servant 
so that he won't get himself 
led astray 
not when the silver spoon 
is starting to get 
into his possession. 

Time mula mula 
dengaq dari depa aritu pun 
ceq dah runsing 
"Biaq betoi ni?" 
Tu ja yg bermain dalam fikiran. 
Apatah lagi 
bila dapat 
official letter. 

The letter that confirms everything.

maybe this is 
just another coincidence 
or maybe this is 
the wisdom 
behind me going back Perth-lis late. 

There's no better word to express this 
than "Alhamdulillah
The wait for two years, I guess 
It seems worth it. 
Thanks, Umi. 
Thanks, Pak Long. 
Thanks, Pak Ocek. 
Thanks, dear relatives. 
Thanks, dear comrades and allies. 
This is for you guys. 
I mean, the success. 
Don't get it wrong XD 

Then again 
I might want to wait for JPA 
results to come out. 
I just don't know why. 
It feels like I should wait for them. Hurmm. 
but surely 
I'm going to take this call first 
for this thing 
sounds too good to let go 
for someone like me  :)

Now that things are certain 
let's get even more fired up 
to put in more fight 
into studying 
this semester 
and to those semesters to come. 
Semoga tidak leka 
akan tujuan asal 
bertandang ke mari (Perth-lis). 
Well then 
see you later. 
Nak buka puasa dah nih 
Assalamualaikum. :)

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