Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Actually Passed It.

It was just a normal day 
except the fact 
that I got stomachache 
and skipped the trip 
back to Perth-lis 
on the other day. 
(that's about three days ago, to be precise.) 

Till Umi asked me 
to buy some newspapers  
to read for the weekend  
and I come across this. 

Credits to Mingguan Metro.

This is the online version 
of the news, BTW. 
The full version on the papers 
has more written on it 
which later knocks me off. 
"Setiap mereka ada kisah tersendiri 
bagaimana boleh menjadi gelandangan 
dan hidup merempat. 
Walaupun kebanyakannya orang susah, 
tidak berpelajaran, tinggal sebatang kara 
dan tidak berapa siuman, 
ada juga berasal daripada keluarga berada, 
namun dibuang selepas keluarga 
tidak dapat menerima mereka.
"Ada yang ingin kembali 
ke pangkuan keluarga... 
tapi disebabkan keluarga tidak dapat menerima, 
mereka terpaksa hidup sebatang kara...
"...golongan mualaf antara individu turut dikesan 
menjadi gelandangan di ibu kota...
"...A*** mengakui tidur di sekitar kaki lima kedai 
hanya berlapikkan kotak...
"Memang orang dengar tak percaya 
macam mana saya boleh jadi 
gelandangan di sini 
dan mengemis, 
tapi inilah cerita saya.
(If you wanna read more, do get 
your own copy of the news. Heheh) 

At that very moment 
Those memories, they came back  
and I realize that 
I was, once 
nearly became 
just like those guys  
and among all those people 
I actually made it through. 
I guess so. 

It may have been 
due to 
strong background of mine. 
It may have been 
due to 
my principles 
the belief I've been into 
since little 
Then again 
I won't make it at the first place 
without the Lord up there, to be absolute 
my Umi's prayers, ultimately 
and others ---> siblings, relatives, friends, acquaintances 
Thank you. 
Hasif, Ariff, Faizran, Adilah, Fera, Iqbal, Jannah, 
Farhan, Tira, Sya, Faten, Anis, Afiqah. 
All of the comrades made back in foundy 
be it the housemates, neighbours, 
lecture mates, classmates, colleagues  
and some from the alma mater 
or even from the primary school. 
I owe all of you one. 

I feel grateful 
for I may end up 
being another rotten apple 
yet in the end, I obtained something better 
I can continue to 
have dreams 
pursue them 
and live my life as a normal human. 

To those comrades 
I'll repay each and everyone of you 
God willing  
To the Lord 
I'll give it my best 
to live it up to You.  
Until then 
let's hope 
I'm spared some time 
so that I'm enabled to indulge 
the fruit of glory 
from the tree of efforts 
I've been planting. 
That's it. 
Gotta go. 

P/S: Tomorrow, with my return to Perth-lis, 
I'm officially returning to my student life.
Let's do this! :)

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