Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking Sides.

When things 
are seemingly screwed up 
inside out 
what would you do 
to prevent 
further mishaps 
from happening? 

It's like detecting a crack in a building.
P/S: Not my pic.

Will you pretend 
as if nothing has happened 
and keep doing your own thing 

or are you going 
to impose that change? 
If you do, 
then how will you do it? 
Have you owned yourself 
neatly structured plans 
and nicely planned backups? 
Do you even have the willpower? 
Absolutely, what is your stand to do so? 

Are you going to 
execute the change 
as an outsider? 
Are you willing to go 
against the wave? 
Have you 
enough knowledge 
about the system? 
Are you dare enough to 
go all out against the odds? 

or are you going to do it 
as someone inside? 
If it is, 
will you have the patience 
to strive till the very end? 
Can you endure 
seeing things keep being mislead 
while you're still on the process? 
Will you actually keep being you 
and protecting your stands 
from being engulfed by the system? 

To ignore 
it may be 
a wonderful bliss 
or it may be 
a regretful one. 
To participate 
whatever you say it 
no matter 
from where you look at it 
you can't help but to eventually 
get your hands stained 
as the prize 
or probably a sacrifice. 
All in all 
if it's a battle 
that's worth to fight, 
then go for it 
and never look back. 
All the best. 
Happy Independence Day. 

P/S: It's the first time, 
me taking part in the Perlis state level 
Independence Day March. 
Saja nak bagitau. Kbai  

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