Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'll Forgive You, Otto-san.

To my paternal parent
I don't care 
if you're not reading this
You may have not 
been doing good 
neither as man 
nor as a father. 
You disregard my mum. 
You jeopardize things  
without you even knowing.
You're the one to blame 
for bringing all the sufferings 
we've been into.
Even now 
you're making us puzzled 
of our own lives 
and our own future
with your current condition. 

Not my pic.

thanks to you
and your mistakes 
I mature far even quicker
I'm far even humbler 
I think way even further
and that's not enough. 
I'll continue improving 
to be a better leader 
and a Muslim 
in a whole 
God willing.

I believe this is the legacy 
you've left upon me
Thus, I'll keep on 
putting those efforts 
of turning into 
a better man 
than you did. 
The pinnacle of evolution. 
That's what 
I'm going to pursue for.
Even though with your current condition 
do watch me from afar, father. 
Although I know 
you just don't care. Huh. 

As for the beginning 
I shall forgive you 
for what you've done to me 
to my mum 
to my siblings 
to my family 
to my life 
all these while. 
I pray that 
you'll be blessed 
and that you'll be forgiven 
for your sins 
and that He'll make things easier for you 
and for us here, too. 
Can't be helped 
since whatever happens to you 
are going to affect us as well. 

With this 
I'll continue walking this path 
with a better look of life, insyaAllah. 
Hopefully I'll keep on 
getting better 
from time to time 
dan cukuplah 
umiku, saudara-saudaraku 
serta Tuhanku 
menjadi pembimbing
juga peneman 
dalam perjalanan ini. 

To all who know my father 
indirectly or directly 
do pray for him.
He's in comma 
for the third week 
in present.
Do pray for his well being 
and for his sins to be forgiven 
do pray for my family too 
my mum, my siblings 
we need to be strong 
really strong 
at this moment.
Semoga kami dapat 
menempuhi semua ini 
dengan baik 
dan sinar akan datang 
sooner or later. 

P/S: Guess I've just received 
my wake-up call. Thanks a bunch.


  1. be strong .semua dah ditentukan sejak di Luh Mahfuz lagi and every single things happen fer a reason . Allah tahu apa yang terbaik untuk hamba hamba Nya :)

  2. dini: used to it. :(
    yayan: that, still remains as a mystery, though. can only keep on hoping. then again, thanks :)


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